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Howard amd Martha Finally

I've been a Sirius subscriber since Howard Stern moved to Sirius, but when we bought the GM Car last year, it came with XM.  We didn't want to run the wiring for the Sirius receiver, and were hoping that since XM and Sirius merged they'd come up with some sort of plan to get the best of both worlds.

Well ... they did.  XM now offers a plan with the "Best of Sirius" which includes Martha Stewart and Howard Stern, and Sirius offers the "Best of XM" which gives you Oprah. (thats the edited version you get more but it's not my focus).  Yesterday, I renewed XM with the Best of option, so now I get Howard Stern and Martha Stewart again.  Worth every penny.  I also can get the stations over the internet, so I can listen while at work.

This just makes my day.  I am a happy camper.