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Project Life - Week 2

House Of Cards - Great Series

My sister got me hooked on a new series which is a Netflix original series called House Of Cards.

If you get Netflix, it's well worth the watch.  If you don't, it's well worth the $8 bucks to subscribe. It stars Kevin Spacey and is about a Powerhouse Congressman and how things are manipulated in Washington DC.  It's a political drama that has power, greed, sex, intrige, deceipt, and corruption, all set in modern Washington DC.  I sit back, and can envision that there is a whole lot of  truth to some of the actions the main character goes through.  I also love that he speaks to the camera with his commentary on certain situations.

House of Cards

This show is sort of a milestone in television as it is the first show that has completely bypassed the normal TV show route of going to network or cable stations.  It is also the first show that released all the episodes at once for subscribers to watch at their own pace.

The storyline, the cast, the entire thing is Awesome.  I love a good drama, and can't wait for Season 2.  Go ... now ... watch it.