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Chromebook ...

Since I forgot to bring my laptop up to the house in Sorrento, I opted to buy a cheapy laptop to play on. 

I thought about driving home from work to get it, before we started our trek north, but it's 50 miles home and 50 miles back.  Then there's the fact that on salary, if you don't work at least 4 hours, you don't get paid for the day ... we were planning to leave from work early anyway, using a vacation day came into the equation.  And if we left work and headed home then got on the road, we would have been smack dab in the middle of rush hour, which would have costed us much more time.

I could have just used my IPhone or Galaxy phone to play games and check facebook, but to do any serious work, like updating blogs, sending emails, uploading pictures - would just not work.

So ... we decided to just get a cheapy laptop - in this case a chromebook which is google based (Google Chrome), and in my opinion a cross between a IPad and a laptop.  It's primarily desined for internet surfing which suits my purposes just fine.  You can download apps to have other tools as well.

I've only been playing on it for a couple of days, and for the most part it does what it is intended to do.  Other than Facebook, Pinterest, Typepad, and general surfing I haven't tried to do much else with it, but I expect over the next several visits north, I play with it some more.

It does have a slot for an SD card, so I was able to upload pictures but I used the flickr site to edit.  I need to play around some more to see all that it can and can't do.

All in all, it's a machine to visit, but I wouldn't want to work daily on it.