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Ever have one of those days ???

Cool Find ...

I've been looking for books and things that pertain to the area of our house up in Sorrento. I found an old cookbook put out in the early 80s by the women of the Wekiva Presbyterian Church.  The fun part about the book is that I can tell the tried and true recipes because there are some stains on the pages, and (in my opinion) even better are notes that the owner wrote in the margins with changes to the recipes and ideas.

That being said, I know the first recipe to start with - apparently Pumpkin Bread was her go to recipe with notes to reduce the recipe, and notes to make it in different pans.  There's even a note to cook for 30 minutes in "fancy" pans.  I think this will be one I try out as we hit the fall holidays.

Such a find.  Some people would pass it by because it is well used (well loved), or stained, but I am in love with it.  I wish I knew who it had belonged to.  God I love stuff like this.