Cool Find ...

Ever have one of those days ???

Today was one of them for me.  A full day of one step forward 2 steps back.  It's not that it was a "bad" day, it was just a day where I couldn't seem to get any forward traction

Backing up to the start ... I couldn't sleep (well my not being able to get to sleep was worse than usual).  Couldn't get MixTab to load (blog feed reader), and with some research found that they shut down the site on July 31st - Arggh.  Then when I thought I'd try to sleep, I make it to bed and lay down, and Mattie (one of the cats) has decided she's hungry, so starts nipping at me.  I get back up, give her a few kernals of food to tide her over, and go back to bed.  Just start to doze off, and hubby's alarm goes off.  Doze off again, and now my alarm is going.  Get up ... flick on the hall light and the bulb blows, go to the dryer and find that there must have been a power flicker because the dryer stopped half way through - so guess what the clothes are still damp (more than damp).  I was charging my FitBit and couldn't find the little rubber holder for it (the cat must have knocked it off my computer table).  Throw the Fitbit device in my purse and go out the door.  Hadn't charged the cell phones so digging in my purse to get them on the car charger and find the rubber holder for the Fitbit, and now I can't find the device in my purse.  Pull everything out of my purse and finally find the device and put it on.  As were pulling into the gates at work, the bell rings on the car to say we're low on gas.  << we'll skip the work part of the day - just because>>  Trying to play one of those levels on Candy Crush where the candy goes out one row and back in another and I can't even follow the candy, let alone get close to completing the level (It's a Candy Crush thing - if you don't play, just trust me it's frustrating).  Run out of lives so I think I'll check my lottery tickets (just in case I'm a big winner and can hire a maid) - out of 3 months worth of tickets, I have 2 winners - $7 and a Free Ticket.  I probably should have checked the tickets when I was having a better day and maybe I would have had some more winners - LOL.

I was almost not going to do a blog post, but I figured since I do them at the end of the day, and it seems things are starting to turn ... (I had a big score on Words With Friends of like 132 points or maybe more where I played SQUIBS with a Triple Letter on the Q and a Triple Word score) and the fact that I don't want to break my posting roll, I just figured I'd keep it simple and post about the wacky day I've had.