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Food Network Star

I watched every season since the first.  I like Guy Fieri who I guess is the most well known chef from the show.  I also like Big Daddy Chef Aaron McCargo, and Jeff Mauro the Sandwich King.

I didn't like when they switched to teams in Season 8 but it didn't turn me off to the show.  This season they did away with the team approach {Yeah} but did something else that I hate.  The thing about this season is they brought in contestants that if you watch food shows, you've seen before. One contestant Chris Hodges was on The Great American Food Truck Race; Danushka Lysek has been on Chopped; Viet Pham was on Iron Chef Battle Ground and won against Bobby Flay and was on Extreme Chef; Russell Jackson was also on Iron Chef America; Rodney Henry has been on Chopped and Throwdown w/Bobby Flay. .... You get the picture.

I just can't imagine that there aren't fresh faces out there dying to get on the show.  I mean ... if they had 1  or 2 contestants that were from other shows, I could see that - but so many?  I don't like it.

True, many have already been eliminated but still it annoys me.  If something isn't broke then why fix it.  The show was fine the way it was.  I don't know ... if this keeps up then I may not watch it anymore.

I am looking forward to Alton Brown's new show Cutthroat Kitchen.  It looks like a fun spin on cooking shows.