{P}inspired - the Radish Debacle
Neon Challenge

Fun and Games ...

I play games ...

They entertain me in the wee hours of the morning when I can't sleep, or when I'm a passenger on my daily commute to work.  I believe it also keeps my mind young (that's my story and I'm sticking to it).

I play Words w/Friends (almost came out Fiends, which some of you are very viscious and don't let me win once or twice - LOL) , Matching w/Friends, as well as lots and lots of Scramble (if you don't play, it's like the classic board game Boggle).  I also have a pretty strong Bejeweled addiction.

And now ... I have fallen into the black hole of Candy Crush.  It's a game linked to your facebook friends which I started awhile ago but didn't play often - but now, I've started playing again.  My sisters play, my friends play, my co-workers play, so I went along for the ride and started playing and it sucked me right in.  I am thinking Candy Crush is more poplular than I even imagined because now I'm seeing commercials on TV for the app (both for IPhone and Android). 

The games are harmless enough ... but they do want your money.  You can buy more lives, and you can buy helps.  I am being strong and haven't succombed to pull of playing longer or getting through a level.  Not to say that I haven't payed for the privelege of playing games (I do buy hammers for EggBreaker [another Facebook game - don't ask] - but at the moment, I am resisting buying into Candy Crush. 

As you go to higher levels in the game, it gets harder and harder.  You only get 5 lives, and you lose a life every time you fail at a level.  I personally believe that you should get more lives the higher you go, but then I was thinking about it, and 5 lives is really the perfect amount to keep the obsessed functional members of society.  I can blow though 5 lives in about 5 minutes - and then it's 2.5 hours for them to rebuild again.  Works perfectly.  Play on the way to work, then play on break, then play at lunch.  At home, I can actually cook or God forbid clean between life refills.  If not, I think my life would go on complete shutdown in order to finish a level.  Ahhh ... the addictive personality.