Chromebook ...

My one of those days ...

I posted the other day about having one of "those" days where I took one step forward and two steps back in just about everything I did that day.

And so, I think I jinxed myself, because one of those days turned into one of those weeks.  I posted Tuesday night, and I wasn't quite home from work yet.  So when I did get home, I found that the crisper bin was pulled out a bit which popped open the fridge just a little, but after being at work all day and evening, everything was warm and had to be thrown out. This was just about everything I had bought on my Sunday shopping trip, so I wasn't happy.

Wednesday, one of my employees turned in her notice

Thursday, I must of left the TV on in the morning, so it was on all day long.

Friday, we were packing to head north for the weekend, and neglected to pack my laptop.  Not a good thing - in fact one of those things that nearly brought tears to my eyes.  Then we arrived at the house and the internet wasn't working, so spent 45 minutes with Comcast who initially couldn't find our account.

Saturday, I made a grocery shopping list, and hit the road, only to find that I left this list at home. When we're north ... the stores are farther away then in Miami, so it would mean a 20 minute ride back to the house and another 20 back to the store.  I ended up calling hubby, who read the list to me, and I still forgot something on the list.

and now Sunday ... I haven't done much.  I didn't want to touch anything, and nothing was "off" today - well ... I burned the radish chips, but well, I often burn food, so I'm not counting that one - I'll probably post about it later in the week.

I'm thinking this has been just a blip, and things will be back to normal with the new week ... anyway, that's how I'm thinking about it.

Tonight, I planning to look up at the sky and hopefully see the Perseid Meteor Shower.  As I type, it looks pretty clear outside.  I just need to get out my compass to find which direction to look for northeast.