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The best laid plans ...

Florida Cold

I'm Cold.

I know some of you live where it's really cold, but for this Florida girl, it's too cold right now - mostly because it's been overcast and Mr Sun hasn't been out to warm things up.  Usually, during the day, even if it's cold, you can stand in the sun and feel some warmth, but these last couple of days the sun hasn't been out as much.  At home, I'm OK - I can walk around with slippers on, and lay on the couch with a thick blanket -- but at work, it's too cold inside as well as outside.  I have a little blankie, that I'm using across my lap, but it's a pain with a rolling desk chair.   

It's supposed to be an early spring as I truly believe the groundhog Punxsutawney Phil - well all the groundhogs (Shubenacadie Sam, Staten Island Chuck, and General Beau Lee) actually agreed.  This season has been average cold -- not as cold as some winters and not as warm either.  It's cold, but I like it - it's nice for a change and doesn't last too long.  We'll have a couple of days of cold, and then back up to the 70s, then it will drop down again for a few days, then back up to the 70s.  That's how south Florida winters usually are.

Once today is over, I'll have the weekend to hang by the fireplace, and all next week we're supposed to have weather in the mid 70s.