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Florida Cold

Kitty Update

Finally, our kitty is starting to feel better -- we know this because it is no longer an easy task to give her the medicine.  It's become a chase to catch her and then a fight with her squirming.  Yesterday, we got the medication in her mouth, but neglected to make sure it went down, so she took 4 steps and spat it out.  Cracked me up, but not hubby.

Yesterday, was the first signs that the weakness in the legs was almost completely gone.  It was the first time in over a week that she made a leap from the bed to the dresser on her own accord.  She's been jumping from the dresser to the bed but the hind legs couldn't support her so she'd just flop down - I think she was OK with this since the bed was a soft landing.  From the bed to the dresser was a new thing.

There are still many unknowns … we don't know why she had the weakness - but the other cats didn't have a problem, so not something contagious. She never had a fever, never quit eating, labs were for the most part normal except she was a little anemic.  

We may never know the full reason, but I'm glad she's on the mend.