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Frost and Water

The last Hurrah

It's not often we get to use the fireplace.  This will probably be the last time we get to use it this season.  A couple of weeks ago, I thought that would be the end, but this weekend, we're supposed to be in the upper 30s, low 40s.


Pretty much anytime the temp drops below 50, I want to start a fire.  It's so relaxing to watch the flame flicker, and I love the smell.  It's sort of a novelty for me since we don't often get to use it.  It also takes the chill off the house, and the chair I sit in when on the computer is just a few feet away.

When we were at the car show last weekend there was a women there creating a fire in a cast iron fire pit, which had a grate that she cooked on.  I was mesmerized watching this women while she chopped the wood into smaller pieces with an axe, started the fire, kept the fire fed, and cooked on top of the fire.  I only have to keep the fire fed - the wood came to us from a close friend, and hubby starts the fire, so I think I've got the easy part.