Easter Eggs
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Creative Girl

When I was in JoAnns the other day, I found some Creative Girl by Julie Comstock Christmas items on clearance.  These are watercolor art blocks.  


For this one, it's a canvas with the words Fa La La La La written on in.  The letters resist the watercolors so that the words stay clear and then some of the letters show in gold.


No creative powers needed.  It's simple to do, just paint on the watercolors, and then wipe away where the paint hits the letters.  Very easy to do.  Now, while I had a set of 30 something watercolors, I didn't have a "real" red, so mine ended up looking a little more to the pink side.


I like it though, especially since some of my Christmas decorations are pinks and greens, so it'll go well. This product line has more than just Christmas art … there are cards, and general decor items as well and they come in different sizes.  This is really so easy to do that it can be done by children and teens very quickly and without much mess - if I had a daughter it would be something I would do for a birthday party, or a rainy day project.

I have Friday off for Good Friday, so I'll be cropping with friends this weekend.  Can't wait!