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Ebb and Flow

You might have noticed a week or so In February with no posts, and maybe thought I'd dropped off the blogosphere once again, but not so.  

Life is filled with ebbs and flows.  Sometimes, my life is super, crazy, busy, and I come home from work and promptly fall asleep in the chair, and sometimes my life is just plain boring.  It's the times in between crazy and dull that I get to post and/or have something to post about.

20160210_054830Along the lines of falling asleep in the chair, it's mostly because we purchased new furniture as our Christmas gifts to ourselves.  They were delivered towards the end of January, and we are loving them.  We got a sofa and a loveseat and both recline.  I sit down to watch a little TV, or to check email, and within a short time, I'm happily snoring away, as well as hubby.

As you can see in the picture, Max is enjoying the chairs as well.  We have a cloth cover on them so that he doesn't scratch or claw (he hasn't yet, but our other cat Michael tries to), and it keeps the cat hair in check as well.  I just throw them in the wash as necessary.

A couple of times now, I've awoke and found Max above me on the back of the loveseat looking down at me with a cocked head.  I prefer to think that he senses that I'm waking up rather than he looks at me that way when I'm sleeping which might be a little creepy.  In any case, the whole family is loving the recliners.