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Planner Craze

Planners are a big thing right now.  A couple of scrapbooking companies have come out with whole product lines for decorative planners.  I've kept a planner now for probably over 20 years.  I've mostly used a Franklin Planner, or something similar.  This year, I went to one of the creative planners.

There are several types on the market, but I chose the MAMBI brand planner … 

I like it because it has the pages ARC or Rollabind style pages.  Aside from that, MAMBI had the foresight to design the planner where if you got into the game late, you can take out pages without it affecting the remaining pages.  I got the planner in January, but it started in July, so I just removed July through December and started with January.

I don't do much, outside of work and home, so it doesn't get super filled, but it does work for me which is the important part.  What's the sense in having a planner that is cute and creative, if it doesn't work.


This month so far I've got a play, a crop, St Patty's day, and Easter.