No Blogathon

You might remember that last year I participated in the Blogathon.  I was going to participate again this year, but the organizers have decided to take a year off. I will definately participate in 2009.

Some bloggers from past years still wanted to do an alternative blogathon so they've come up with the "Day of Blogs" which is the same concept.  I'm not sure if I'll be able to participate this year, but I'll keep you posted.

What A Ride ...

I was so tired after the blogathon that I immediatly crashed.  I crawled into bed and vaguely remember hubby asking me if I was going to take off my glasses and be responding - in a minute - the next thing I am waking up at around 4PM.

I was tempted to stay in bed, but forced myself up so that I didn't screw up my normal wake/sleep cycle.  I got up, but didn't do too much, other than go out to eat at the local pizza joint, and then for ice cream afterwards.

I can say this about the blogathon ---

It was a rewarding experience and I'll be back doing it again next year.  I appreciate everyone's support throughout the event.

It's over baby ... (#49)

but don't let that stop you from donating.

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Even after the blogathon has ended, you can still donate.  The links will be open for another 48 hours, so if you think about it and decide you want to donate later -- you still can

Don't Forget ...

Today you are pledging to make a donation -- you will not be asked to submit funds until after the blogathon is over - so if payday isn't until next week - don't worry, you've got time.

If you want to read all the posts from the blogathon (they are numbered from 1 through 49) either click on the July 2007 archive button, or click on the blogathon cloud to the right.  All posts were tagged with blogathon so they will be grouped together.

It's been great fun and I appreciate everyone's suport throughout the event.  We did a good thing here, and I couldn't have made it happen without you.

Blogathon Recap (#48)

So ....

I've had 255 page views on Saturday (which is about 250 more than usual), and another 39 so far today.

I've raised $275.00 for Gilda's Club

Blogathon is reporting that they have 364 bloggers blogging raising just over $116500 (and they've still got another 12 hours for the B shift.)

Every 30 minutes for 24 hours can really make a difference.

If the dates fall right (stars align and all that) again, then I'll be back to play again next year.  I have had a great time looking up the scrapbooking links and participating in the memes.  I hope you've enjoyed yourselves during your visit.  Next year I'll start spreading the word earlier, and if I'm not off dialup, I may blog from work (they have a T1 line) or even a local hotel.  I so wanted to share pictures of the cards I made and of me throughout the event, but this connection just wouldn't have it.  I've got one more post at 9AM, and them I'm off to grab a few zzzzzz.

And finally, I'd like to thank everyone who dropped by and either called, emailed, or left a comment - it really helped to keep me going.  And special thanks to my blogathon moderator Judy who always seemed to know just when I needed to see a comment posted.

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Situation Sunday meme (#47)

This one is called situation sunday.  You're given several situations and you tell how you'd respond.

Situation #1
You are all alone on a deserted road, far from home. Say 20 miles from home- you see a zombie. What do you do?

So, from all the scary movies I've seen I know that I have to blow their heads off in order to kill them.  So I would whip out my gun (assuming I had one) and shoot them in the head.  Alternatively I would find a large pointy stick so that I could use that like a stake to kill the zombie. (Gosh I didn't know I had this violent side - but they are zombies right?)

Situation #2
You are out shopping in a mall. You have purchased numerous items through-out the whole day. You have bags of purchases. In one store you are accused of stealing merchandise. Hunt as you may you can not locate a sales receipt for the are about to be arrested. What do you do.

First, I would never have lost the receipt.  My purse ends up having receipts for a whole month.  But assuming I couldn't find it, I would rationally explain the situation.  Then I would have them look at the tags of what I bought to compare it to their store tags, and finally if all else fails, I would try to contact the store I bought the item in to see if they could provide a sales slip, or if they remember whether I made the purchase or not.  If non of that worked, I would probably end up crying (not that it would help the situation much but it would make me feel better).

Situation #3
You are swimming out in the ocean. You are about a mile from the shore. All those in your group are on the beach playing volley ball. You notice dorsal fins between you and the beach. No life guard is present. Scream and you might call attention by the wrong thing.....What do you do.

You probably wouldn't find me swimming a mile out in the ocean (I don't swim all that well), so I'm not worried about this particular scenario but ... I learned from Jaws (the part where the kid freaked out and froze in the water) that you don't move - you don't splash or thrash about.  So I would just float quietly until the danger passed. After I could no longer see the dorsal fin, I'd be out of there in a hurry

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Something's Beeping (#46)

Something's beeping here.  It's making the noise that smoke detectors do when the battery is low.  I've been wandering the house for the last 10 minutes and it's erratic.  Sometimes it's beeping and sometimes not.  I finally narrowed down the area to the bathroom.

So ... no smoke detectors in there.  Apparently there is something (I would presume a cricket like animal) outside the window and he's telling me that he is up with me.  Whatever it is, it was driving me crazy.  He's stopped now (and I didn't do anything to him either).

The sun is up - it's daylight now.  The birds are starting to sing, and the neighborhood is coming alive. 

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That's My Answer Meme (#45)

This one is from That's My Answer - a question or so a day that you answer - simple.

This one is actually from the 28th - it's too early for todays - but I'll do it anyway

If you could find out only one fact about every person you met, what fact would you want to know?

I'd want to have some kind of honesty meter.  Maybe a little light that went off when they are not speaking the truth.  Sometimes when I leave conversations I'm just not so sure about someones sincerity, so I'd want to know.

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Word Beads meme (#44)

So I started doing memes earlier but many of Sunday ones weren't posted yet -- they are starting to come online now so I'll do all I can find.  Remember I'm in a sleep deprived state so be kind to me when you view my answers.

This one is Word Beads -

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to string the words below with other words of your choosing to fashion a sentence, several sentences, a paragraph, several paragraphs, a poem, or even a short story.

The words:  Straight, Inasmuch, Enrage, Scholastic, Disadvantage

And I don't even have to look any of these up in the dictionary.

Inasmuch as she was at a scholastic disadvantage because of her learning disability, she still was able to graduate with a high grade point average.  It always seemed to enrage her when others could go straight to making A's without a bit of studying.

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The Neighborhood is Quiet (#43)

So I'm officially up before the birds ....

I was just outside on the porch, and man it's quiet out there.  But if you stop and listen you hear all sorts of things.  I can hear the crickets chirping and I can hear frogs croaking across the street at the lake (that's my hypothesis anyway), but I don't hear any birds just yet.

I also don't see any sign of the sun yet - but I did see someone drive through my neighborhood.  Who's up at this hour on a Sunday morning.  Normally I wouldn't be (well any morning at this hour).  I can also hear traffic on the expressway which is about 5 blocks from my house.

Now I'm usually a night owl and stay up late, and I do all-nighters several times a year - usually when I'm heading out of town I stay up all night so as not to miss my flight (OK, so I'm usually still packing because I've procrastinated too long), and I'll stay up all night on Christmas (yes procrastination here as well - still having to wrap those presents) but this is the first time I've been up all night surfing the web and posting to my blog.  It''s been kind of fun actually - and my blog has seen more action this past 24 hours than usual too.

** Thanks Judy for stopping by and saying all was well - I was just looking back through the comments when your post/comment came across.

When this is over ... I think I'm going to head to breakfast - but hubby will have to drive because I don't think it is safe for me to.  I am way tired now ... but the end is in sight and I'm pretty sure I will make it just fine.

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A Little Frantic Time (#42)

OK ... so my connection was lost - the cat kept wanting to jump on my keyboard, the computer keeps trying to reboot to install updates, and I'm trying to close out programs so I can do a quick shutdown and restart.

Sheesh Nothing like a little adrenaline boost to perk me back up.

If it wasn't 5:30 in the AM I probably would have had someone knocking at my door and the phone ringing.

I'm at a 50K connection which is pretty good, and hopefully we'll be able to stay connected.

Right now .... I'm going to take a look outside and see what I can see.  I'm kindof looking forward to seeing the sunrise - not that I can really see it well - but hey ... close enough.

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