Flying Cars and Sand Fleas

This past weekend we were out and about in the '64 Olds 442.


Saturday we went to the cruise-in at the Carolina Ale House.  This was the 3rd weekend show, so it's pretty much any year, any model vehicle.  The cruise-ins at the Ale House are pretty much the only cruise-ins in Dade County - unless it's a county sponsored event of for a charity.  This night, something weird happened.  There was a mid-50s truck that was backing into a spot near the edge of the parking lot … I guess the driver hit the gas instead of the brakes and sort of flew over the hedge and  onto NW 36th Street - which normally is loaded with cars and it's near a major intersection so there is normally cars parked at the light.  Amazingly, he didn't hit anyone, and he and his buddies got the car off the road and back into the parking lot.  The police came, but I don't think they even gave him a ticket.

Then Sunday, we ended up going to a cruise-in at the Homestead Bayfront Park (which is where the picture was taken).  OMG - when we arrived at about 9AM, the area was filled and I mean filled with sand fleas or No See Ums.  Little bitty things with a powerful bite.  We were parked near a pavilion, so I just hung out under there for a bit.  One of our friends that came a little later brought us some bug spray and as the day progressed the little buggers went away, but the first hour they were annoying. This is the 11th year of this particular show, and it's sponsored by Dade County Parks and Recreation - it's one of the shows we enjoy -- nice area, lots of people, food and drinks available, plus entertainment.

There was however, absolutely no phone service -- well actually, no 4G service so no internet.  3G service was iffy, you could stand in one area and be able to make a call, but in other areas, no service.  I was surprised that there are actually still areas without service - in these days you pretty much take for granted that you'll be able to make a call, or check Facebook.

29 years ago ….

I went on a blind date, and as they say the rest is history.

Way back when we bought our first home in Miami, we were not married. The sellers didn't really want to sell to an unmarried couple, so we ended up saying we were engaged to be married on February 7th (we were buying the house in May) which was actually the day we first met on a blind date. From that point on, we've celebrated that as our anniversary. It took a full 5 years before we actually did get married.

In Miami, it's difficult to get in for dinner on Valentines day like next week, so we just celebrate both our anniversary and Valentines Day on the 7th - that way we can have a no stress enjoyable dinner.

It's been awhile since we've had the Buick out.  By awhile, I mean at least 10 years.  We trailered it up to Central Florida about 4 years ago, and there it sat in the garage.  Last weekend after a little bit of work to get it running, we took it out to the Saturday night cruise-in in downtown Sanford.  The tires were squared but she got us there and back without issue.

Tonight we'll go out somewhere to celebrate.  Don't know where yet, but looking forward to it.



This is what we refer to as the "first date" car, and since the anniversary of our first date is February 7th, we wanted to take it out.  It is pretty much original.  The plating is original, and the paint was probably re-done sometime in the 60's.  That being said, it needs to be freshened up - but it did get a lot of people looking at it and asking questions.

It was a great night …  It was great to get the Buick back on the road - it is one of my favorites.

Beautiful Sunset

Spent the weekend up in Sorrento.  Went to the New Smyrna Beach Canal Street Cruise.  It always has a big turnout, but this past weekend was huge.  When we arrived there were not "good" spots so we ended up parking on a side street, but in a short while someone pulled out and a great space opened up.


I was heading to the crop room and caught a glimpse of the sunset and had to stop and take a picture. The picture doesn't even begin to do the colors justice.  This is looking to the west across the ponds.  You can even see the reflection of the sun in the water.  So beautiful.


Today, we head back home.  Always comes with mixed emotions.  It's good to get back to home and the routine, and our fur babies, but sad to leave the peace and tranquility.  Maybe 2013 will be my lucky year and I'll win the lottery so we can stay a little longer each visit.

Downtown Eustis Cruise In

Last night we went to the Downtown Eustis monthly cruise-in.  We were going to take the '54 Buick, but it was uncooperative (fuel issue), so we ended up taking the '66 GTO.


The last time we had gone was a couple of months ago, and at that show the turn out didn't seem like much.  This time, for one thing we were late, but even so, the place was loaded with people.  I was quite surprised.  Since we were late, we actually got a prime parking space right on the main strip. Our friend from Daytona went along with us, and we've also been starting to meet some of the local people.

We were able to walk around a bit and got a chance to see all the cars.  When the show was over we headed out and had dinner at Gator's Dockside.  It's a chain restaurant, but not something we have down in Miami, so it was new to us.  The food was pretty good, and the service was excellent.

The thing I keep finding interesting is how in these (what I would call) small towns, everyone seems to know everyone else, and everybody is polite.  Not something we're used to in Miami.

Cruise In

Saturday was the Cruise-In at Sir Pizza in West Kendall.  This show is the first Saturday of the month and it's been awhile since I've been.  Last month I was sick, and the month prior it was rained out, so it was great to be out and about and seeing our car show friends.

This time we took the '67 Chevelle SS.  It's been awhile since we' ve had it out, so hubby spent the day checking it out and making sure it was road worthy.


I'd have to say that the Chevelle is one of my favorite cars.  It was the first one of hubby's cars I got to drive when we were first dating.  At that time, I was still living with my parents and there was a corner where both lanes went forward and one of the lanes then merged.  I always hated that the people would use the merge lane to get ahead.  I loved that I could hit the gas and leave the merge lane in the dust.  Plus it's black.  I love black cars.  Finally, it's an automatic, so it's one of the cars that I can actually drive.


At the Crop

This weekend I'm at a scrapbooking crop hosted by HilltopMemories.  Now when I go to these things, I usually spend the whole time catching up with all the happenings since most of my scrapbooking friends live on the West Coast of Florida.  This crop however, I've actually been scrapping - I mean "real", "authentic", scrapbooking pages.  It's funny, because I set out by bringing kits expecting only to work on those, but ended up doing a couple of layouts.  Here's two, and I'll post the rest as soon as I can.

  Motorcycle-Melissa -BoBunny Block Party 

This first one is for one of my employees - she recently got a new motorcycle and I had taken some pictures for her "me" wall.  This is using one of the Spring BoBunny lines called Block party.  It's sort of a patrioticish theme  but I liked the color combination for these pics.  The blue is close to the color of denim.  Ont he red sqare there are stars in the paper printing that the photo didn't pick up - I'm thinking I'll go back in tomorrow and add some crystal effects to make it pop.

Frankies Anniv - BoBunny
This one is using another spring release for BoBunny called Peacock Lane.  I picked this one because the purples and teals "went" with the teal of the car and the purplish hues of the sky.  This was from February when Frankie's Pizza was celebrating 55 years.  Their celebration took place on Valentine's Day and we took our 1955 Buick Century to the show because it was also 55 years old.  The car needs some work, but we really wanted to take it because it was new when Frankie's first opened.  (If you weren't aware, you can order half baked pizzas and have them shipped direct to you - just in case you live out of town but love those square pizzas.)

I've also done some card kits, another layout, and some other cards, but I can barely keep my eyes open much longer.  If I don't get some sleep I wont be able to make the drive home.

Car Weekend

This weekend we did lots of car things.

Friday was Tower Shops, and we took "my" '76 Astre to the show.  Sunday we went to the Cutler Bay Sports Bar for their Hogs and Rods show.  We took the'67 Buick GS.  Lots of cars came out and at one point there were over 100 bikes there.



I did some regular stuff too ... got my haircut and had breakfast with the inlaws and the baby.  All in all a great weekend.

Back to Turkey Rod Run

Here's some pictures from the Turkey Rod Run over Thanksgiving weekend.

First, this is the view from the balcony where we stayed (It's a friends condo)IMGP1241.  The sun was just coming up - this was what I saw each morning, and I just love the sound of the waves crashing on the shore.  Beautiful.

The second pic is of the car.  The special thing about the car we brought was the dual quad engine.  Here's a picture.  It has two 4 barrel carbs.IMGP1226

And then there is the "money shot".  Every year we take a picture of the car at one of the turns at the speedway.  Here is this years.  Daytona money shot

We had a wonderful time, but had a potential problem with the car, so we left it up there and will head back to Daytona next week to trailer it home.  It actually all worked out for the best because the trip home was quite stressful.  We must have passed (or sat in traffic) nor less than a dozen cars that had spun out off the road, including a tractor trailor that hit the guardrail almost right beside us.  We left about 3:30PM and didn't get home until close to 10PM.  It should have been a 4 hour trip, but there were all sorts of traffic delays.  I'm hoping next weekend the weather will be good, and I get another trip to Daytona out of the deal.

Turkey Run - Daytona

I'm at the Turkey Run this weekend.  We left yesterday and arrived here at about 6:30.  From there we immediately went to dinner.  The restaurant had several Thanksgiving type offers (Turkey, Ham, Roast Duck and Lamb) but I opted for Seafood since that was what the restaurant is known for.  I had crab cakes, then seafood gumbo, and then a broiled Mahi w/crab stuffing (real crab stuffing, not the breadcrumb type).  It was sooo good.  Mmmm.

Today we're at the car show, and it is a gorgeous day.  It is in the mid-70s (maybe a little warm) and that is so much better than weather in the 30s/40s like most of the time we come.  We've brought a 1966 Buick Riviera.  The thing that is "special" about it is that it has a dual quad engine which is 2 4-barrel carbs.  Good thing the price of gas has dropped considerably since this is not gentle on the fuel consumption.  We're parked with our friends in the Pontiac Club so we're very close to everything.  Tonight we do a old car parade in the next town up.

I tried to upload some pictures but the connection speed is not too great at the track, so I'll try later from where we are staying, or when I return home.

Weekend Update

Saturday we went to the Auto Show, and I got to see the new Chevrolet Camaro that is coming out for 2010 - I also got to sit in some of my other favorite cars like the Pontiac Solstice, the Chevy HHR, and the Cadillac XLR Conv.  From there we were going to go to the diner, but the traffic was so bad (South Beach is a hopping place on Saturday night), we just ended up heading closer to home and went to Flanigans.

Sunday was uneventful, until hubby started screaming my name - apparently when he removed some bolt the car shifted and was pinching his finger in between something.  I flew out of the house and had to release the jack - his finger was flat, but very little blood.  I sat him down, gave him some orange juice, made sure he had sensation in the finger, blood flow, and range of motion (all of which he had), then promptly chastised him for not having his cell phone within reach (one of my safety rules).  If I had been at the back of the house I would not have heard him, (although half the neighborhood would have).  Anyway ... he is fine, his finger is black and blue and he'll lose the nail but I have stopped shaking.  As I was heading out to the carport, I didn't know what I'd find, so I was relieved that it was a pinched finger and not a severed limb.

All is well, and I'm looking forward to a great week.  I love this time of year, with the cooler weather (we're having a cold snap and woke up to temps in the upper 50s), and holidays right around the corner.