Art Canvas

This is another art canvas that I made.


This one is a black canvas.  The white circles are cut from paper.  You can't see very well, but the red are paper roses.  This one I entered in the Spring Hilltop Memories crop.  There is a theme given before the crop - this time it was anything of or relating to flowers.  Everyone at the crop gets a vote.  This one came in tied for 1st place so I won a free crop, which I'm using for the Birthday crop in June.  Pretty cool!.

The craft theme for the Birthday crop is anything that's identifiable as a beach umbrella.  That's a bit harder than flowers, but I have my thinking cap on.  I'm scrapping this coming weekend, so maybe we'll get something done then.  I have an idea, but haven't figured out how to execute it as yet.

Easter Storm

Going back in time, we had a bad storm on Easter weekend.  It started with hail, and I think ended up with a microburst or something similar.  It ended up taking out a large tree which came down on the shop.


You can get an idea of just how large the tree was from this picture of Linda standing under it.


Thankfully, the damage was only to the metal roof and not any of the structure.  There were about 10 holes in the roof, but none of the wood was broken or damaged.


Thanks to great friends we got the tree down and temporary patches on the holes.  

A neighbor who is a contractor hooked us up with a roofer, and now the roof is fixed and everything is back to normal. 

Here's what I learned … 

  • "Hunker Down" is not just a term for hurricanes.  It's probably best not to open the door In the middle of a storm to see the hail.
  • Apparently a picture is required as proof that when I say the tree fell on the shop, the tree actually did fall on the shop.
  • Having good friends in life is essential.  From my girlfriends who weathered the storm with me, to our guy friends who brought down the tree, cleaned the debris in the shop and patched the roof - we couldn't have done it without you.


Peacocks …

Peacocks are pretty birds ...


This guy sometimes hangs out at the house.  Their sound is like a shriek or a screeching - very loud.  With all their beauty there has to be a downside, and theirs is that they poop quite a bit.  They'll roost on the roof and screech and poop.

This boy has been around even before he had all his feathers.  I tried to get him to display his feathers, but he would have nothing of it.  I'll have to wait for a picture when he wants to impress one of the peahens.

Home Sweet Home

Had to take this baby home.


Michaels was having a great sale on their home goods items a week or so ago, and this one was 50% off.  Marquee signs have become very popular of late.  I don't particularly like the marquee individual letters, but this one I did like.  Got it home and was amazed that all the bulbs lit up just fine.  It's above the fireplace right now, but it may get moved around depending on the season.

Bought some other stuff as well, mostly scrapbooking things (stamps/stickers) but pretty much everything was on sale so it's all good.

I like what the sign says, I like the coloring of it., and it fits well with the brick of the fireplace.

Ebb and Flow

You might have noticed a week or so In February with no posts, and maybe thought I'd dropped off the blogosphere once again, but not so.  

Life is filled with ebbs and flows.  Sometimes, my life is super, crazy, busy, and I come home from work and promptly fall asleep in the chair, and sometimes my life is just plain boring.  It's the times in between crazy and dull that I get to post and/or have something to post about.

20160210_054830Along the lines of falling asleep in the chair, it's mostly because we purchased new furniture as our Christmas gifts to ourselves.  They were delivered towards the end of January, and we are loving them.  We got a sofa and a loveseat and both recline.  I sit down to watch a little TV, or to check email, and within a short time, I'm happily snoring away, as well as hubby.

As you can see in the picture, Max is enjoying the chairs as well.  We have a cloth cover on them so that he doesn't scratch or claw (he hasn't yet, but our other cat Michael tries to), and it keeps the cat hair in check as well.  I just throw them in the wash as necessary.

A couple of times now, I've awoke and found Max above me on the back of the loveseat looking down at me with a cocked head.  I prefer to think that he senses that I'm waking up rather than he looks at me that way when I'm sleeping which might be a little creepy.  In any case, the whole family is loving the recliners.



The last Hurrah

It's not often we get to use the fireplace.  This will probably be the last time we get to use it this season.  A couple of weeks ago, I thought that would be the end, but this weekend, we're supposed to be in the upper 30s, low 40s.


Pretty much anytime the temp drops below 50, I want to start a fire.  It's so relaxing to watch the flame flicker, and I love the smell.  It's sort of a novelty for me since we don't often get to use it.  It also takes the chill off the house, and the chair I sit in when on the computer is just a few feet away.

When we were at the car show last weekend there was a women there creating a fire in a cast iron fire pit, which had a grate that she cooked on.  I was mesmerized watching this women while she chopped the wood into smaller pieces with an axe, started the fire, kept the fire fed, and cooked on top of the fire.  I only have to keep the fire fed - the wood came to us from a close friend, and hubby starts the fire, so I think I've got the easy part.

Florida Cold

I'm Cold.

I know some of you live where it's really cold, but for this Florida girl, it's too cold right now - mostly because it's been overcast and Mr Sun hasn't been out to warm things up.  Usually, during the day, even if it's cold, you can stand in the sun and feel some warmth, but these last couple of days the sun hasn't been out as much.  At home, I'm OK - I can walk around with slippers on, and lay on the couch with a thick blanket -- but at work, it's too cold inside as well as outside.  I have a little blankie, that I'm using across my lap, but it's a pain with a rolling desk chair.   

It's supposed to be an early spring as I truly believe the groundhog Punxsutawney Phil - well all the groundhogs (Shubenacadie Sam, Staten Island Chuck, and General Beau Lee) actually agreed.  This season has been average cold -- not as cold as some winters and not as warm either.  It's cold, but I like it - it's nice for a change and doesn't last too long.  We'll have a couple of days of cold, and then back up to the 70s, then it will drop down again for a few days, then back up to the 70s.  That's how south Florida winters usually are.

Once today is over, I'll have the weekend to hang by the fireplace, and all next week we're supposed to have weather in the mid 70s.  

Kitty Update

Finally, our kitty is starting to feel better -- we know this because it is no longer an easy task to give her the medicine.  It's become a chase to catch her and then a fight with her squirming.  Yesterday, we got the medication in her mouth, but neglected to make sure it went down, so she took 4 steps and spat it out.  Cracked me up, but not hubby.

Yesterday, was the first signs that the weakness in the legs was almost completely gone.  It was the first time in over a week that she made a leap from the bed to the dresser on her own accord.  She's been jumping from the dresser to the bed but the hind legs couldn't support her so she'd just flop down - I think she was OK with this since the bed was a soft landing.  From the bed to the dresser was a new thing.

There are still many unknowns … we don't know why she had the weakness - but the other cats didn't have a problem, so not something contagious. She never had a fever, never quit eating, labs were for the most part normal except she was a little anemic.  

We may never know the full reason, but I'm glad she's on the mend.

Cool Find ...

I've been looking for books and things that pertain to the area of our house up in Sorrento. I found an old cookbook put out in the early 80s by the women of the Wekiva Presbyterian Church.  The fun part about the book is that I can tell the tried and true recipes because there are some stains on the pages, and (in my opinion) even better are notes that the owner wrote in the margins with changes to the recipes and ideas.

That being said, I know the first recipe to start with - apparently Pumpkin Bread was her go to recipe with notes to reduce the recipe, and notes to make it in different pans.  There's even a note to cook for 30 minutes in "fancy" pans.  I think this will be one I try out as we hit the fall holidays.

Such a find.  Some people would pass it by because it is well used (well loved), or stained, but I am in love with it.  I wish I knew who it had belonged to.  God I love stuff like this.










Tax Day !!!

It's that time again ... time to pay the tax man.

Yet another reason why I like the thought of living in a small town.  Because we were heading up to Sorrento, I decided to wait to mail the tax payment out until I was up there, figuring there would be less of a line.  Boy ... I'm so glad I did.  I went to a one counter post office and pretty much had no line - no waiting.  I think I might be getting spoiled.  I'm used to lines, and grumpy people at the counter, and grumpy people in the line.  There's none of that in Sorrento.  It's kind of like stepping into an alternate reality.

Same thing at the local stores ... I go to Publix up there and every single time they ask me if I was able to find everything OK.  One time, I said I couldn't find something and they told me which aisle it was in and they unloaded my shopping cart while I went to get it.  That would never happen in Miami.

Don't get me wrong ... I love my Miami home, and there are many, many things I love about Miami - particularly it's diversity of cultures, the cultural events, and the fact that it never really sleeps.  You can pretty much get whatever you need at any hour of the night.  However, the people you come in contact with are often rushed, short, or downright cranky.  I should know ... I'm often one of them.  

For our needs right now, South Florida is fabulous but I think we made the right choice for where our retirement home is situated.  For now, I enjoy getting away from the hustle and bustle every so often, and that's pretty much how it will have to stay unless I win a big lottery pot.  

Here's hoping!