Gummy Drop Withdrawals

A little game I play thanks to Linda who got me hooked.  It's sort of like Candy Crush or Cookie Jam where you match blocks and clear obstacles, but it has added challenges where you work through and build monuments in several famous cities.  This weekend, I was having withdrawals.  I had the Nook with me, but forgot the charger cable, so as soon as the power ran out, I couldn't use the nook anymore.

20160215_003636Checked online to see if I could get one at the local Barnes and Noble, but apparently the model Nook I have is no longer one they sell, so no local stores had it.

Hindsight being 20/20, forced withdrawal was probably a good thing as it gave me time to do some other things.  I ended up taking a drive around town, and did some shopping.  It's not like I'm addicted or anything like that (not much anyway), but it does make the time pass when you have insomnia, when you're sitting at a car show, or when you're standing in line for checkout, or watching some TV.  

I still play some other games, but not as much as I play Gummy Drop.  It's my little addiction until something else comes along that takes its place.  With the absence of games, I did have time to pin some things to Pinterest.  I have so many things pinned it would take me a billion years to try them all, but it is fun for inspiration.


Neon Challenge

I was playing along with one of the Challenges on the Kitchen Keepsake board.  One of the monthly challenges is to do something inspired by a Pinterest Pin.

Here is this months pinspiration:

So, we were supposed to do something using Neon colors - which is quite a stretch for me.  I did have some Neon foam letters and while walking around Michaels, found large clothespins in Neon colors and hatched an idea.  That's how it goes ... one thing leads to a thought ... which leads to a plan ... which sometimes leads to creative action.

So here's my Neon creation:

Altered clothespins used to be a big thing several years ago and I guess they're making a comeback since they're back in the stores.  This one will grace my desk at work - I might make another for my scraproom desk too.

Fun and Games ...

I play games ...

They entertain me in the wee hours of the morning when I can't sleep, or when I'm a passenger on my daily commute to work.  I believe it also keeps my mind young (that's my story and I'm sticking to it).

I play Words w/Friends (almost came out Fiends, which some of you are very viscious and don't let me win once or twice - LOL) , Matching w/Friends, as well as lots and lots of Scramble (if you don't play, it's like the classic board game Boggle).  I also have a pretty strong Bejeweled addiction.

And now ... I have fallen into the black hole of Candy Crush.  It's a game linked to your facebook friends which I started awhile ago but didn't play often - but now, I've started playing again.  My sisters play, my friends play, my co-workers play, so I went along for the ride and started playing and it sucked me right in.  I am thinking Candy Crush is more poplular than I even imagined because now I'm seeing commercials on TV for the app (both for IPhone and Android). 

The games are harmless enough ... but they do want your money.  You can buy more lives, and you can buy helps.  I am being strong and haven't succombed to pull of playing longer or getting through a level.  Not to say that I haven't payed for the privelege of playing games (I do buy hammers for EggBreaker [another Facebook game - don't ask] - but at the moment, I am resisting buying into Candy Crush. 

As you go to higher levels in the game, it gets harder and harder.  You only get 5 lives, and you lose a life every time you fail at a level.  I personally believe that you should get more lives the higher you go, but then I was thinking about it, and 5 lives is really the perfect amount to keep the obsessed functional members of society.  I can blow though 5 lives in about 5 minutes - and then it's 2.5 hours for them to rebuild again.  Works perfectly.  Play on the way to work, then play on break, then play at lunch.  At home, I can actually cook or God forbid clean between life refills.  If not, I think my life would go on complete shutdown in order to finish a level.  Ahhh ... the addictive personality.

Ever have one of those days ???

Today was one of them for me.  A full day of one step forward 2 steps back.  It's not that it was a "bad" day, it was just a day where I couldn't seem to get any forward traction

Backing up to the start ... I couldn't sleep (well my not being able to get to sleep was worse than usual).  Couldn't get MixTab to load (blog feed reader), and with some research found that they shut down the site on July 31st - Arggh.  Then when I thought I'd try to sleep, I make it to bed and lay down, and Mattie (one of the cats) has decided she's hungry, so starts nipping at me.  I get back up, give her a few kernals of food to tide her over, and go back to bed.  Just start to doze off, and hubby's alarm goes off.  Doze off again, and now my alarm is going.  Get up ... flick on the hall light and the bulb blows, go to the dryer and find that there must have been a power flicker because the dryer stopped half way through - so guess what the clothes are still damp (more than damp).  I was charging my FitBit and couldn't find the little rubber holder for it (the cat must have knocked it off my computer table).  Throw the Fitbit device in my purse and go out the door.  Hadn't charged the cell phones so digging in my purse to get them on the car charger and find the rubber holder for the Fitbit, and now I can't find the device in my purse.  Pull everything out of my purse and finally find the device and put it on.  As were pulling into the gates at work, the bell rings on the car to say we're low on gas.  << we'll skip the work part of the day - just because>>  Trying to play one of those levels on Candy Crush where the candy goes out one row and back in another and I can't even follow the candy, let alone get close to completing the level (It's a Candy Crush thing - if you don't play, just trust me it's frustrating).  Run out of lives so I think I'll check my lottery tickets (just in case I'm a big winner and can hire a maid) - out of 3 months worth of tickets, I have 2 winners - $7 and a Free Ticket.  I probably should have checked the tickets when I was having a better day and maybe I would have had some more winners - LOL.

I was almost not going to do a blog post, but I figured since I do them at the end of the day, and it seems things are starting to turn ... (I had a big score on Words With Friends of like 132 points or maybe more where I played SQUIBS with a Triple Letter on the Q and a Triple Word score) and the fact that I don't want to break my posting roll, I just figured I'd keep it simple and post about the wacky day I've had.

More from the Christmas in July Virtual Crop

Playing along this weekend with the Kitchen Keepsake Group.

Another challenge was to make a Christmas card using non-traditional papers.

I made a few for this challenge, using a paper pack I had. - It's a 2009 Paper Pack from My Minds Eye called Complete Boy.  Must have been something  just for Michaels because it wasn't listed on their website in the retired section.  I have old product and I'm not afraid or ashamed to use it.

This first one is using some of the paper as well as cardstock, plus I had an embellishment from the My Minds Eye 2011 Lost and Found Christmas Set.


The next one uses papers from the same pack, and a Hampton Art Ditto Christmas Stamp (PS0689).


and finally, using the same paper pack and a stamp from a Michaels Reflections Stamp set.


I have old stamps too .... but the thing about stamps is they never go bad.  You can use them over and over, and they store easily too.


Productive Weekend so Far

I've been playing along with a Christmas In July Virtual Crop with the Kitchen Keepsake Forum.

One challenge was "Simple Tags" and you can't get simpler than these:


These were round tags that I had (or you can cut your own out of cardstock), to which I applied rubons.  I received the rub-ons as a gift probably several years ago and was looking for a chance to use them.  I love how they turned out.  The black tag really makes the white glitter snowmen stand out.  The Rub-on transfers are by Royal Langnickel and are called Snowmen Holly & Hearts Glitter and they are still available from the manufacture, or I'm sure you can find them in Michaels or a store like it.

I have some  other Royal Langnickel Christmas Rub-Ons, so I'll be making up some more tags too.

Replacement for Google Reader - MixTab

I was sad to find out that Google is closing the Google Reader site.  It' been something I've used for years to read all the blogs I follow.  Having a reader is so much easier than clicking blog to blog to blog especially if you follow many blogs like I do.

I follow my friends, I follow cooking blogs, I follow scrapbooking manufacturers and designers, I follow stamping sites, and other stuff just to keep up on all the latest happenings.

So, since I operate on a Mac, and I have an IPhone, I checked apps that were available for both.  I found one called MixTab which so far has been pretty cool.

First you set categories, and as you add the blogs, you add them into a particular category.  I have categories for my friends, cooking, scrapbooking, etc.


Once you bring up a category, you see posts starting with the most recent, and you see a brief version of what's on the new page and even better a picture (if the page has one).

If you want to look at a particular blog up close, or if you prefer to see the whole read just click on the tab and it brings you to the full page.  From here you can just hit next and it takes you to the next blog post in the category.

There are tabs at the top, where you can tweet the post, or you can email it to someone, or you can view the original to see comments.  You can also "star" items as favorites which is something that google also had.

So that being said, there are a couple of things that I don't particularly like, one of which is adding the blog you want to follow to the site.  You have to locate the feed link on the particular blog then add it to your category.  With blogger, you just entered in the blog address and it "found"the feed. Now, finding the feed is not too terribly hard, it's on most pages as a link, however, I have had a problem finding the link on some blogs.  So ... if you own a blog, and you want people to follow your blog, make sure the link to the feed is clearly visable.

The other thing that's different, but not in a bad way, is the pages, don't "disappear" or archive like with the google reader, so you just click through the blogs until you get to one you've seen.

I'm still playing around, but so far, I really like it.