Pocket page

I wanted to show you the March pocket pal page I did, and I even remembered to take a picture of what's  included in the back.  



This theme was Spring, so I used spring flowers, kites, and butterflies.  The back side you can see some of the things that were included in the pockets. Buttons, ribbon, Bling, paper kites, paper flowers, some word stickers and some pop dots.  My pal's name started with a "S" so I included a "S" tag.  Traditionally these are done between pen pals, where you write a letter or ask questions of you pal, and since it's not specifically for scrapbookers, people include other things like tea, candy, gum, stamps other small things.  Since I'm playing along with a scrapbooking group, much of what goes into the pockets is scrapbooking related.

I've got a new pal to exchange with for April and May.  I'm late already, ha … but so is she, so I'll probably knock out both months when scrapping this weekend.  I've already bought some items to put in the pockets, and I have the paper I want to use, so it's just the creative part left to go.

Art Canvas

This is another art canvas that I made.


This one is a black canvas.  The white circles are cut from paper.  You can't see very well, but the red are paper roses.  This one I entered in the Spring Hilltop Memories crop.  There is a theme given before the crop - this time it was anything of or relating to flowers.  Everyone at the crop gets a vote.  This one came in tied for 1st place so I won a free crop, which I'm using for the Birthday crop in June.  Pretty cool!.

The craft theme for the Birthday crop is anything that's identifiable as a beach umbrella.  That's a bit harder than flowers, but I have my thinking cap on.  I'm scrapping this coming weekend, so maybe we'll get something done then.  I have an idea, but haven't figured out how to execute it as yet.

Birthday Pocket Letters

Our group had a birthday in February, so here is the pocket letter I made.



The paper was from a DCWV birthday paper pad that Linda had (she let me borrow a sheet or two)  The paper was actually the base of the design and then I added in some embellishments.  Each of the little pockets has goodies in them as well.  I keep forgetting to take pictures of the other side which shows all the goodies.  I have a February one to post and I don't think I took pictures, but the March one, I promise I will.


Planner Craze

Planners are a big thing right now.  A couple of scrapbooking companies have come out with whole product lines for decorative planners.  I've kept a planner now for probably over 20 years.  I've mostly used a Franklin Planner, or something similar.  This year, I went to one of the creative planners.

There are several types on the market, but I chose the MAMBI brand planner … 

I like it because it has the pages ARC or Rollabind style pages.  Aside from that, MAMBI had the foresight to design the planner where if you got into the game late, you can take out pages without it affecting the remaining pages.  I got the planner in January, but it started in July, so I just removed July through December and started with January.

I don't do much, outside of work and home, so it doesn't get super filled, but it does work for me which is the important part.  What's the sense in having a planner that is cute and creative, if it doesn't work.


This month so far I've got a play, a crop, St Patty's day, and Easter.


Birthday Pocket Letters

Along with the pocket pal pages we're swapping, we have the option to also send birthday pages when it's the birthday of someone in the group.  I'm having fun making these pocket letters, so I've been sending out ones for birthdays as well.  Here are a few that I've done recently.

This one the design is mostly the paper itself, so there wasn't too much in the way of added embellishments for the design. 


Similar concept - using the paper itself as the base of the design. I added some stickers to dress it up a bit.


and one last one for the birthdays ...



Can you tell I'm enjoying making these things.

Now we're all caught up.  In our swap we skipped January, and are picking up again with February and March.  Mine are already completed, but I don't want to post until my pal receives them.

More Pocket Letters

Continuing with the Pocket Letters, here is the one I did for November.  The theme for November was Thanksgiving/Fall.



I did forget to take a picture of the December one, so I thought I'd share one that I received in December.  My pal for November and December was Laura.  In this one, you can see some of the items in the pockets. There is more that you can't see because they're behind the decorated pockets.  This one was very cute.  The little woodland animals are actually 3 dimensional.


Now, you might be thinking … OK … what would I do with these.  For me, they're inspiration.  The size is similar to an ATC (artist trading card), so it's like little bits of art.  The trinkets in the pouches can be used for card making and for scrapbooking.  If the embellishments are part of the design, you have a choice to make … you can either leave it as is and enjoy the design, or you can take the pieces off to use in your own projects.  For right now, I've been saving all the pages in a binder.  I really love these woodland animals, so some time in the future, I might take one or two off the pages.

and one more to show, which is super creative.  This one is from Diana.  This was part of the regular swap and she new I loved Diet Coke and Coke Zero, so the page was all Coke Zero - it is amazing.  I love it. 


The Pocket Letter Pal Craze

If you haven't heard, there's a new way to write to your pen pal.  It's called Pocket Letters. 

The concept was started by Janette Lane, and you can read more about it on her blog here.

Being a scrapbooker, card-maker, paper-crafter, it was an easy transition to joining in on the craze, and so with a few scrapbooking friends from the Hilltop Memories group, we started a swap.  We have a pal for a two month period, so we send a pocket letter page each month.  Natasha heads up the swap and gives us a theme to follow for the month.  I'm going to go back in time and share some of my pages, since it's been what I've been working on for the last few months.

The first month was September and it was to be an "about me" page

Sept pocket page

Then we did October in which the theme was Halloween/Fall.

October pocket page

The idea of the pocket page, is that you fill the little pockets with things for your pen pal, or in our case swap partner.  The original pocket pal pages that Janette Lane does, had a template where you would send washi tape, and stickers, tea, a letter for your pal, and a mail tag where you can ask your pal questions that they answer when they send back to you. 

For our group, it's more of a swap rather than letter writing.  You'd be surprised what you can fit in the pockets (which are only 2.5 x 3.5), but we make it work.  There's lots of scrapbooking stuff that fits, from stickers, to die cuts, plus embellishments like buttons, sequins, ribbon, washi tape, and then gift certificates fit pretty well.  Truth be told, I've been know to cheat (just a little), so some of the items I've sent didn't quite fit in the little pockets, but still when you folded the whole think in thirds it sort of fit ( wink wink).

Scrapbooking - New Product Likes

It's that time of year and the CHA show has finished in Las Vegas, and now we get to see all the new stuff.

So for the Christmas Lines ... there are 2 I really love - that's not saying that the others are great, just that if I had to pick, these would be my top two ...

        My Minds Eye Vintage Christmas and Authentique Joyous

I like Christmas, but with no children, there is not a lot to scrap, so I use the paper for decoration items and for cardmaking.

I'm also liking the Distress Markers and Watercolor Paper from Ranger. 

I like the new Snap Sets that Simple Stories has come out with.  I'm slowly working on a Project Life album, and the Snap sets make it just that much easier.

And for trends ... it looks like the banners are going away, and now it's the chalkboard look - several companies had their version, so even had chalkboard elements as part of their Christmas lines - this is one that I really like Chalk Studio by My Minds Eye and here's another called Chalkboard Collection by WeRMemory Keepers.  I'm not much into the trending stuff, but at least I like the chalkboard look better than banners.



At the Crop - Kenilworth

This weekend I'm at a scrapbooking crop in Sebring Florida.  It's being held at a historic inn that was built in 1916 by George Sebring.  We've been coming here for a number of years (seems like forever), and it's one of those places that you either love it's quirkiness, or absolutely hate it.  I fall into the love it's quirkiness category.  It's old, so you have to expect that going in.  There are rumors of ghosts (particularly on the 3rd floor), which I think is fun.

To give you an idea, here's a picture of the front desk, complete with cubby holes for room messages.


Then there is the front porch with all the rocking chairs, a favorite place to hang out and catch up on everyone in the group, either at the crop, or not.  If these chairs could talk, I think some of us would be in a heap of trouble.


This weekend was the busiest I've seen the hotel.  They had our scrapbooking group, plus an aviation event going on at the airport, as well as a high school reunion.  Our group is in the cabaret room.  I think we're about 40ish on the number attending, and I think we could have had more people but were limited to the size of the room.  There is another room on the property, but it was being used for the reunion.  Here's a group shot of one side of the room.

Friday night I was up until 4:30ish, and Saturday night the same.  I've caught up on everyone's life pretty much, learned some tips on couponing, and so far have completed 12 cards.  This is one crop where we have an extra day and are staying until Monday, so I'm happy that I'll be able to crop a full day Sunday.  I'm hoping to get some more done, but am also probably going to do a little shopping in town as well.

I'll post some of the cards I did over the next couple of days, but for now, it's time to go to bed.


Heading out ...

Ahhh ... heading out today to a scrapbooking retreat in Sebring, Florida.  This one is Winter Retreat put on by my friend Linda of Hilltop Memories.  It's being held at a historic hotel called the Kenilworth Lodge, which I absolutely love.

I do have to work half the day today, and my plans are to leave around oneish, but that never seems to go according to plan.  Hopefully I'll be able to get on the road and get there before dark.

By design, I'm traveling a little light this time.


For one thing, it's much harder having scrapbooking supplies at two houses.  For another thing, some of the ladies coming to the crop I haven't seen in awhile, so I know me, and I know I'll be spending more time catching up than actually scrapping.  I do have my basic supplies, and some kits to work on, as well as some cardstock and papers so that I can work on making some cards. Whatever strikes my fancy will be what I'll be working on, especially since I've already finished the second week in my Project Life album (I'll post those in a few days as I still have to take pictures).

In any case, not sure if I'll have time to do a blog post, but I'll try, otherwise, I have full details next week.