Creative Girl

When I was in JoAnns the other day, I found some Creative Girl by Julie Comstock Christmas items on clearance.  These are watercolor art blocks.  


For this one, it's a canvas with the words Fa La La La La written on in.  The letters resist the watercolors so that the words stay clear and then some of the letters show in gold.


No creative powers needed.  It's simple to do, just paint on the watercolors, and then wipe away where the paint hits the letters.  Very easy to do.  Now, while I had a set of 30 something watercolors, I didn't have a "real" red, so mine ended up looking a little more to the pink side.


I like it though, especially since some of my Christmas decorations are pinks and greens, so it'll go well. This product line has more than just Christmas art … there are cards, and general decor items as well and they come in different sizes.  This is really so easy to do that it can be done by children and teens very quickly and without much mess - if I had a daughter it would be something I would do for a birthday party, or a rainy day project.

I have Friday off for Good Friday, so I'll be cropping with friends this weekend.  Can't wait!

Easter Eggs

I grew up coloring eggs for Easter … this was back when the only way you colored eggs was with a Paas Kit - the little tablets you dropped in water with vinegar.  I still like having colored eggs, but don't have kids to color them with and often run out of time to do it myself.


For the last several years, I've been buying mine already pre-colored by Publix.  Personally, I wish they offered them all year long, but I understand why they don't.   They cost $5-something a dozen and you're pretty much paying for the convenience factor. A dozen eggs is on sale for $1.29 this week, but when you factor in the cost of the Paas kit and the time involved, it really ends up being economical.  Depending on the store, the colors could be dark or could be lighter almost pastel.  I like the dark ones.  I've got 2 dozen in the fridge

Home Sweet Home

Had to take this baby home.


Michaels was having a great sale on their home goods items a week or so ago, and this one was 50% off.  Marquee signs have become very popular of late.  I don't particularly like the marquee individual letters, but this one I did like.  Got it home and was amazed that all the bulbs lit up just fine.  It's above the fireplace right now, but it may get moved around depending on the season.

Bought some other stuff as well, mostly scrapbooking things (stamps/stickers) but pretty much everything was on sale so it's all good.

I like what the sign says, I like the coloring of it., and it fits well with the brick of the fireplace.

Scrapbooking - New Product Likes

It's that time of year and the CHA show has finished in Las Vegas, and now we get to see all the new stuff.

So for the Christmas Lines ... there are 2 I really love - that's not saying that the others are great, just that if I had to pick, these would be my top two ...

        My Minds Eye Vintage Christmas and Authentique Joyous

I like Christmas, but with no children, there is not a lot to scrap, so I use the paper for decoration items and for cardmaking.

I'm also liking the Distress Markers and Watercolor Paper from Ranger. 

I like the new Snap Sets that Simple Stories has come out with.  I'm slowly working on a Project Life album, and the Snap sets make it just that much easier.

And for trends ... it looks like the banners are going away, and now it's the chalkboard look - several companies had their version, so even had chalkboard elements as part of their Christmas lines - this is one that I really like Chalk Studio by My Minds Eye and here's another called Chalkboard Collection by WeRMemory Keepers.  I'm not much into the trending stuff, but at least I like the chalkboard look better than banners.



Who would buy such a thing.

OK ... so don't ask me how I stumbled upon it, but who would really be buying this:

46513_1 Glow In the Dark Toilet Paper!

Now I like unique items as much as the next guy, and I often fall for the impulse buy, and I'm a sucker for a bargain, but I don't think even I could see a need for this.  It does say great for power outages - maybe it should go in with next years hurricane supplies.  It also specifies that it is safe for both you and your septic tank - I would hope so.

I found several other oddities while shopping but this one just kept making me laugh.

Math Day

Today class was very heavy on math.  We were split in groups again but different groups than yesterday so I got to meet a couple of new people.  Another long day, but I think this was probably the worst because of all the formulas and math.  We did get out a little early, so that was a plus.

After class, we decided to go to a restaurant called Claim Jumper.  It's a chain throughout this area - California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Colorado, Washington, Wisconsin, and Illinois to be exact.  The food was excellent - very large portions and great tasting.  For desert they had HUGE  pieces of cake - I'm talking a foot high (10 layer I think) chocolate cake, and an eclair that was about 6" x 12", which is what they got for our table.  There were seven of us and we still didn't finish.

The restaurant was right next to an outlet mall, so we had to make a stop there and do some shopping.  Just about everyone (except me) found and bought a bargain.  The things I found that I liked either were too small or too large.  Because I started the trip with my luggage almost overweight (traveling with about 8 lbs of study materials), I was trying to be good and tonight it worked.

After the mall we headed back to the hotel and hung out in the hotel bar - it ended up being about 9 of us all together - quite the showing considering there are only 16 of us taking the course.  Of all my "work" trips this one we all have just seemed to click.  I think probably because we all hold similar jobs in the same industry, working for the same parent company.  It sure does make the class time sail by and everyone is comfortable enough to ask questions and work through problems together.

Tomorrow is another day ....

Shopping Bargains

Monday, I had the day off and went down to Key Largo to spend the day with my mom and my sister.  We did some shopping and found lots of bargains.  We went to the Bealls outlet, and it was 15% off if you are 50 or over (for those counting, I'm not, by mom and sis are, so I still benefited).  I didn't find much, but did find a swimsuit on discounted clearance of 50% off, then the over 50 15% discount, so it ended up costing about $13.50 - Some of you may read this and say swimsuit - what is she crazy, it's snowing here, but in Florida there is not too many days that you can't wear a swimsuit (eat your heart out), so it was a good deal.  We've been having a heatwave here with higher than normal temps for October, so I think I'll get immediate use of it.  My sister found some fantastic pictures for her walls, they were metal art in a wooden frame.  She found a set of 3 one of which was the Eiffel tower, one was the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and the last Big Ben.  She said she has a travel theme in her home, so they will look great.

Then we dropped by the K-Mart (OK ... pretty much Bealls and KMart is it for shopping in KeyLargo), and I found mens shirts for $1.99 on clearance.  Some were T-shirts, some were Polos, and some were button down short sleeve dress shirts, so I ended up buying 6 of them.  I had hit a K-Mart up in Miami on the first of the month and they were on clearance for $3.99, so now they were $1.99.  Quite the deal, since my hubby goes through shirts like crazy - he works with grease and oily stuff so they most of the time get stained up pretty quickly.    He's set for shirts for awhile anyway.

I do love a bargain.

Great Mail Day

Yesterday, I got some fun stuff in the mail

From Hilltop Memories I received the Basic Grey Eskimo Kisses Collection Pack, and the Teresa Collins Documented Envelope Album Kit, (plus I put down my deposit on the Utah trip coming in June2010).

From Creative Boutique I got a whole bunch of Stampendous Cling Stamps - I think I ordered every Fluffles the cat stamp that she had.  This is a store from the same people that bring you the KnK kit club.  Where was I when the store was announced.  I didn't know.  The one thing I do know is one can never have too many stamps - and the unmounted ones don't take up too much room.

I also bought some stuff from Office Depot - but I won't bore you with those details - just some notebooks and dividers.  The notebooks, I'm going to cover and use for my Christmas Organization book, and another for recipes.  I bought 4 total, and I haven't quited decided what to do with the others.  See, I said I didn't want to bore you, but here I am taking up way too much of your time already.

A Little Retail Therapy

Over the labor day weekend it was raining so much I indulged in a little retail therapy.  Not so much buying as spending time shopping.  I did order some eyeglasses though - I use a place called Zenni Optical which has glasses for $8.00.  Yes that is EIGHT dollars, I did not forget a number.  I ended up ordering 3 pairs for under $30 including shipping.  I only need single vision glasses and I don't add coatings or tinting.  This will be the 3rd year I have used them, and I have never had a problem.  The prescription is fine, and I receive them in about 2 weeks.

I also spent some time in one of my favorite stores ... the Container store.  I love looking at all the containers and my favorite part is the racks with small items up near the counter.  I ended up buying a greeting card organizer, and some organizer boxes.  My favorite time at the Container Store is near Christmas.  They have the best Christmas papers and ribbons and bows, plus stocking stuffers.  Christmas hadn't arrived at the store yet, but I expect it will soon.

I spent a little time at the office supply store - another favorite of mine, but my main purpose was to buy a new mouse.  Now I can better play bejeweled at home.  My mouse has been broken for about a month, so I finally broke down and bought a new one --- pink and black of course.

Other than that, I'm a BOGO (buy one, get one) shopper at the grocery stores.  This weekend I spent $62 and had a savings of $51 - cool huh.  I shop and cook based on the weeks buy one specials.

Amazon Universal Wishlist

If you have a wishlist on Amazon, you can add items from any online store.  It's a new feature they've added, and most of my family shops for me through Amazon anyway, so I'm starting to add things - like the new Making Memories Slice available from Hilltop Memories, plus some items from QVC. 

This universal wishlist is the coolest thing and really makes shopping easy.

It's easy to use, you just save a link out in your favorite links and when you are on a website for an item you like you click the link and it adds it to your wishlist - too easy.

When you go to buy (yes, I had to check it out) it take you right to the item at the online store.

Back to updating my wishlist.