Florida Cold

I'm Cold.

I know some of you live where it's really cold, but for this Florida girl, it's too cold right now - mostly because it's been overcast and Mr Sun hasn't been out to warm things up.  Usually, during the day, even if it's cold, you can stand in the sun and feel some warmth, but these last couple of days the sun hasn't been out as much.  At home, I'm OK - I can walk around with slippers on, and lay on the couch with a thick blanket -- but at work, it's too cold inside as well as outside.  I have a little blankie, that I'm using across my lap, but it's a pain with a rolling desk chair.   

It's supposed to be an early spring as I truly believe the groundhog Punxsutawney Phil - well all the groundhogs (Shubenacadie Sam, Staten Island Chuck, and General Beau Lee) actually agreed.  This season has been average cold -- not as cold as some winters and not as warm either.  It's cold, but I like it - it's nice for a change and doesn't last too long.  We'll have a couple of days of cold, and then back up to the 70s, then it will drop down again for a few days, then back up to the 70s.  That's how south Florida winters usually are.

Once today is over, I'll have the weekend to hang by the fireplace, and all next week we're supposed to have weather in the mid 70s.  

Let's see what the day holds .

I've been without "my" work computer since Monday.  I've been working from my personal laptop for online stuff and hopping around to any desk where someone has stepped away for company programs.  

The upside ... I'm getting a brand new machine.  

The other upside ... we recently I mean a couple of weeks ago changed to a different backup system where everything gets backed up even stuff on your computer not just network stuff.  I am notoriously bad at doing back ups, so this is a good thing.  Everything will be restored right where I left off.

I work at my computer so much that it slows me down to be on a different machine.  How the keyboard functions, where you have programs set, it all makes a difference.

I've got my fingers crossed that today is the day.

Texas on My Mind

Well it's confirmed, I'll be heading back to Texas on the 10th of December. This time I'll be there for a week, plus stay the Saturday for their Holiday Party, and return on Sunday. This time I'll be traveling with my boss. I'm sortof looking forward to it, especially since I'm staying the extra day to attend their party. The party is at a pool hall (not one of those dark and seedy ones, I'm told, but a more yuppie one) so it should be fun. Well ... I've got to start making my travel arrangements. So I'll talk to you later.

Texas Travels

Imgp0864_2 I've been in Texas for a few days now and flew home the 17th.  Here's some pics of the clouds out the airplane window.  I usually sit in the aisle, but the plane was so full I had a window seat.  I was trying to take a picture because there was a shadow of the plane in the clouds below, but I couldn't get the shot, so I leave you with just some cool cloud pics.


Back to the Grind and Reality TV

Back to work today --- which wasn't actually that bad.  Just the normal day.  This was one of the few times that I didn't come back to a complete mess on my desk.  Everyone did a great job keeping up with things while I was gone, and I only got 2 calls on my cell. 

TiVo did a wonderful job recording all my shows.  I wasn't able to catch up with Big Brother yet, but I did get caught up with PirateMaster and Hell's Kitchen. 

For Hell's Kitchen it was so sad to see Julia go.  I was really rooting for her.  I wanted her to win it.  Right now ... I really don't care who wins it -- I can't stand the nanny, Rock as anger issues, and Jen I don't think is strong enough to handle the task.  It will be interesting to see how it all turns out but I'm very disappointed because I wanted Julia to win.

I've broken down and have the Big Brother live feed now, so it's been on at my desk all day (alright ... you caught me ... BB addict here).  I personally like Evil Dick - not sure he's going to make it but I like him just putting everything out there and being upfront.  I also love Danielle - she just has that girl next door quality and I think she is beautiful as well.  I was telling my husband that I probably think she's beautiful because she's got that Barbie Doll look and Barbie is what I grew up with.  I'd love to see them both make it to the final two.  The feed is a little weird - you get to hear the behind the scenes stuff like when the monitors tell the houseguests to go to the diary room, or put on their microphone, things like that.  You also don't really get to see everything ... you get four screens but most times its just showing two portions of the house.  Still cool to be that fly on the wall.  So my pick for this weeks elimination - I'd like to see Kail go.

Work, Work, Work

It's Sunday ... and I'm at work.

I decided to come in to get caught up a little.  No one else is here so it is very quiet (and a little spooky).  I'm able to knock through some stuff quickly without people interrupting me every 2 minutes.  Since it's the end of the month, and I'll be out a couple of days this coming week for the cruise this is a big help.  Kindof unusual for me to be up and at 'em on a Sunday but we (hubby and I) had breakfast at 8AM, and I headed to work at 9, just can't help wandering away from the task at hand to catch up on my emails and such but now it's back to work again or it wouldn't have been worth the drive.