I was only gone for a week ...
I've been missed ...

TiVo Woes

If you know me ... you would probably know that I'm addicted to TiVo, which supports my reality TV addiction.

While I was on the cruise, TiVo had a problem with their phone lines, and TiVo wasn't updating.  I've now spent several hours on the tech support line trying to resolve the problem, but to no avail.  The system will get a phone line out, but then fails to download the program schedule.  Right now, it can't record anything unless you are watching it.

Tonight I have something new to try, and hopefully that will resolve the problem.  I cnan't wait to get home and give it a try.  I am so tired of doing it old school with the TV Guide, and not having all the programs recorded while I'm at work.  This is getting old.

I will say that even though I haven't got the problem resolved yet, I have loved their customer service department.  They've been patient, helpful, and I really felt like they actually cared about my problem, not to mention the call was handled in the good ol' USA.  Dealing with the customer service folks has been the bright spot of an otherwise annoying situation.