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My new favorite show

there's a new show on Food Network called Chefs VS City where they pit two food network chefs (Chris Cosentino and Aaron Sanchez against two local chefs.  They compete by racing around the city performing different tasks.  It's sort of like Food Network meets the Amazing Race.  The one thing it does do, is show you some cool sites throughout the cities.  My favorite episode so far was Las Vegas where they went to the bar called Minus 5 where everything is carved from ice including the tables and seats.  Makes me want to hop on a plane just to see it.

The funny part of the show is there is usually a food eating challenge.  They had to eat 100 items you would find at a buffet in Las Vegas, and another they ate deserts.  Too funny to watch how they can barely complete the challenge.

I haven't been officially keeping score, but it seems that the wins have been pretty even so far.  Some times the home team wins and sometimes the Food Network chefs win.

It's a neat show to watch.