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Utah - Day 3

Today is the day the rest of the crew arrives.

Linda's flight was on time -- can you believe it ?  She took the shuttle over to the hotel to meet us because she had a couple of hours to kill until everyone else arrives.  The first stop we made on the way to the airport was a cupcake shop called Mini's.  We had to get some gourmet cupcakes which were inspired by the Sex and the City movies. Cupcakes
Then onward to the airport where Canyon transportation met us.  They actually were able to fit ALL our luggage which was quite the trick considering we had clothes and scrap supplies.  Here we are all in our places with bright shining faces. On the bus
Our first stop of the day was a fused glass jewelry making class at the studios of artist Amber DeBirk.  Jewelry class with amber
Amber met us when we arrived and gave us a little history of the area that her studio was in.  She taught us about fused glass and we went to work creating jewelry pieces.  Here are the ones that I created.  My jewelry creations before firing
The class included a pair of earrings and a pendant, and I added a barrette as well. From this state, the piece need to be fired and then Amber will deliver them to us over the weekend.  After the jewelry class we made a brief stop at the liquor store (yes, I allocated time for this), and then a stop at the grocery store for the things we thought we couldn't live without.  We have plenty of snack food around the lodge.  After our stocking up we made one more stop which was at the Porcupine Pub for dinner.  Porcupine pub sign
The porcupine pub is at the base of Big Cottonwood Canyon which leads up to our lodge.  First, they had a tasting option for some of the local beers, so Mary, Sara, and I tried a few.

Porcupine beers
We tried Polygamy Porter, Captain Bastards Oatmeal Stout, Hefeweizen, Chocolate Stout, and Raspberry Wheat.  We preferred the lighter beers so passed the dark beers down the table for others to try.  For dinner I had the Porcupine pizza
pizza which was fantastic.  From the Porcupine we headed up the canyon to our lodge, unloaded all our luggage, and settled in for the week.  Many people brought little gifts for everyone and I'll have to take pictures and post on another day.  So many pictures so little time.  In addition to the presents, the whole group put together a little present for me for planning the trip and logistics out.   Thank you surprise

They made a Thank you card, all signed it, and included a Visa Gift card and some cash to use while on my trip.  Totally unnecessary, but it was quite the surprise (I'll have to get on Linda for not warning me) and I really appreciate it.  I am truly blessed to have such good friends.  Then Gerri-Anne presented Linda  Messenger bag for Linda

with a messenger bag.  This was for the next time she ends up roaming airports due to mechanical delays.  I have one parting shot to post.  This is the view from our back porch. View of moon off porch
The moon and the stars off our back porch.  There is really nothing more beautiful.

I have so many more pictures but it really bogs down how fast the blog loads.  So far, the rest have been unable to get on the wi-fi service, so I'm about the only one with a connection through my aircard.

I'll post updates daily for as long as I can.