Utah - Day 5
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Utah - Day 6

Yesterday was a shorter day on the road because we have a class back at the lodge. 

We got up early this morning and found the remnants of our "snow" Thurs - frost
.  There were flakes below the roof edge on the porch and our picnic tables were covered in ice Thurs - ice
.  Did anyone tell them here that it's the middle of June ? From here, we started the day going out to breakfast at Thurs - blue plate

The Blue Plate Diner.  This is a diner profiled on Diners Drive-Ins and Dives, and they had old fashioned fountain drinks plus Thurs - blue plate2
huge portions.  From breakfast we headed to the local scrapbook store called Thurs - heartland
Heartland Paper.  At Heartland Paper we were taking a course called Fairy Couture.  The class was taught by Pat Thurs - fairy class
and although it was not scrapbooking in a traditional sense, it was a fabulous class.  Several had to step out of their comfort zone, but in the end we all loved the Thurs - fairy

class.  The store was fantastic and had just about every brand/product.  They gave is a 10% discount on our purchases, and even sent us home with a goodie bag for prizes when we were back at the lodge.

After Heartland paper, we decided to make a stop at another Scrapbook Store - this one we were told about by some ladies at breakfast - this store was called Thurs - paper creations
Paper Creations.  The store was a little on the pricey side, but they also had a great clearance section, and some items we hadn't come across as yet so I'm pretty sure we all walked out with a bag.  After shopping it was time for lunch so we departed for the Thurs - lonestar sign
Lone Star Taqueria.  Lone Star is a Lone star - car
Diners Drive-Ins and Dives location, and although small, they pumped out the food fast, and it was delicious.  I tried Thurs - lonestar food
steak and chicken tacos and a handmade pork tamale - no complaints here.  From lunch we were headed back to the Beartrap Lodge but first we took a little detour and went past the lodge to the ski resorts.  We drove through Solitude and Brighton.  In Brighton, there was still some snow on the ground, so some went off to find it.  I didn't go, but I hear snowballs were made, and a miniature snowman (about 4 inches) was formed.

We headed back to the lodge to get set up for our next class which was a Top 5 Garland Thurs - margie top5 sample
taught by Margie Romney Aslett of the Girls' Paperie.   Margie came with her daughters Thurs - margie & daughters
who helped her with the class.  Many of us completed the pages Thurs - margie class scrapping
but a few were just too tired.  Margie had offered to teach a second class, but I know we wouldn't have been able to stay alert.  After Margies class, we just relaxed a bit and some of us fell asleep. Penny and Jackie had designed a beaded keychain with a Utah plastic tag attached, so in little groups we worked on and completed the project.  It was very cute.

Thurs - relaxing Thurs - relax
Yes ... I was one of those who fell asleep in a chair, and I'm sure someone has pictures.  Many stayed up and played some games, we had LCR (Left-Center-Right), Canasta, Bunco, and Pokeno around.  It was a good break we're about half way through the trip and a resting up a bit was what we needed.

Today we have a train ride and a visit to the Provo/Orem area.