Open Book Challenge #5
At the Crop

New TV Season

I love the summer run of TV shows. 

First there is Big Brother - who wouldn't like that madness.  I can't wait for tonight to find out who the sabateur is.  (The "twist" this year is that one of the houseguests is there just to wreak havoc).  I confess, I not only watch the show 3x/week, but I also check the update blogs and I subscribe to the live feed.

Aside from BB there are many great shows returning - The Closer, Royal Pains, Psych, Leverage, White Collar, Burn Notice, and the best ... Mad Men.  I love that they are on those cable channels that repeat the episodes several times during the week, so I can catch everything on TiVo even with competing timeslots.

I still have a reality show addiction so I following Top Chef, The Next Food Network Star, Hells Kitchen, Deadliest Catch (very sad this year), Design Star, and a new one called Work of Art: the Next Great Artist.

There's also a bunch of new shows starting that I might be interested in.  My method is that if they don't compete with something else I watch, then I TiVo a couple of episodes to see if I have an interested.  The first one is Rizzoli and Isles which is based on books by Tess Gerritsen.  I have read all the books so far.  I watched the first episode and it followed pretty closely to the early books in the series  I don't know if they are going to continue along the story lines of the books or spread to new stories but so far I liked the first episode.  Another one I'm interested in checking out is Sh*t My Dad Says which is based on a twitter account I follow - I think it's going to be on CBS so hopefully it won't compete with something else I already watch.

So many shows ... so little time.  My TiVo can record several hundred hours of programming so guess what, I'm always behind.  I do keep up with the reality shows, but regular programs I'm several episodes behind - and I'm Ok with that.  I also don't give the TV my undivided attention - I have it on as background entertainment when working on the computer or scrapping in fact it's on while I'm typing this out.

Tomorrow I head to Sarasota for a crop and I think I'll get to see my sister for a bit.  As long as I have a connection, I'll be able to post from there.