Twenty Eleven
Hilltop Memories ATC Swap - Flowers

On the Road

This weekend I'm at a Hilltop Memories Crop called Winter Retreat.  It's held over in Sarasota at a RV camp.  We rent Mobile Homes and crop at the Pavillion.

For me it's about a 3.5 hour drive and I go straight across "Alligator Alley", which in the old days used to be two lane, but now it's a divided highway and pretty safe to drive.  I was heading across the alley during the time that the sun was going down and the view was so beautiful that I just had to take a picture.  Some came out and some didn't because I just set the camera in my hands resting on the steering wheel while I was still driving.  Sunset off Alligator Alley 2 Sunset off Alligator Alley

Admittedly, with my history, probably not the best idea, but in my defense there was very little traffic.

It's been a great crop.  I was able to catch up on all the comings and goings of my Hilltop friends, got to see all the ATCs (my first batch was lost in the mail), saw one of my Soul Restoration sisters, and Sara even had time to drop by.  We reminisced about the Utah trip, thought about this years trip, plus I actually got some projects completed.

I'll post pics of the make-n-takes, and the ATCs over the next couple of days, because right about now, I need to be heading to bed so that I can make the drive home tomorrow (or rather later today).