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Tonights the night ....

Tonight starts BB14 (Big Brother).

I've been waiting with anticipation. I've checked out the houseguests and can't to get started. One of the twists is that four veteran houseguests are returning. I guess I'll know for sure tonight. I've got my live feed ready and this year I have WiFi, so I should not have connection problems and time outs.

While I've been waiting for BB14 to begin, I have been watching ABC's glass house. At first I thought it was a Big Brother knockoff, which it sort of is, but after watching for a couple of weeks now, it has it's good points. The first episode, I was looking for Big Brother, so I was dissatisfied. I still watched another week, and it started to grow on me. I've got 4 weeks down, and I'm liking it. There is a lot more audiance influence. You can vote for what the house guests have to do in the house, wear, eat, etc. You can ask questions via Twitter. The houseguests ask questions and you get to vote on the answer, and most important the viewers do the voting on who leaves the house. It's only a one day a week commitment, and ABC has the full episodes on the website, plus they run free live feeds at different times throughout the day.

It won't change my love for Big Brother though. I've watched every season and for the last several seasons have followed with the live feeds.  To me the BB House is a micro version of real life.  Different cultures, different personalities, all having to deal with each other.