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At the Crop - Kenilworth

This weekend I'm at a scrapbooking crop in Sebring Florida.  It's being held at a historic inn that was built in 1916 by George Sebring.  We've been coming here for a number of years (seems like forever), and it's one of those places that you either love it's quirkiness, or absolutely hate it.  I fall into the love it's quirkiness category.  It's old, so you have to expect that going in.  There are rumors of ghosts (particularly on the 3rd floor), which I think is fun.

To give you an idea, here's a picture of the front desk, complete with cubby holes for room messages.


Then there is the front porch with all the rocking chairs, a favorite place to hang out and catch up on everyone in the group, either at the crop, or not.  If these chairs could talk, I think some of us would be in a heap of trouble.


This weekend was the busiest I've seen the hotel.  They had our scrapbooking group, plus an aviation event going on at the airport, as well as a high school reunion.  Our group is in the cabaret room.  I think we're about 40ish on the number attending, and I think we could have had more people but were limited to the size of the room.  There is another room on the property, but it was being used for the reunion.  Here's a group shot of one side of the room.

Friday night I was up until 4:30ish, and Saturday night the same.  I've caught up on everyone's life pretty much, learned some tips on couponing, and so far have completed 12 cards.  This is one crop where we have an extra day and are staying until Monday, so I'm happy that I'll be able to crop a full day Sunday.  I'm hoping to get some more done, but am also probably going to do a little shopping in town as well.

I'll post some of the cards I did over the next couple of days, but for now, it's time to go to bed.