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Are you a Big Brother Fan ? Expect the unexpected.

Yes ... it's true, I'm addicted to Big Brother and have paid for the live feeds for many of the seasons.  Just 4 weeks to go ... the premiere is June 22nd.


The new mystery for Big Brother 18 (BB18) is that production is looking for "mock" houseguests.  They're looking for 6 people to be in the house for 6 days 7AM through 11PM.  One of the requirements is that you need to understand the game of Big Brother.  I don't recall ever seeing this in the past.

And the second thing is ... for the last several years bigbrothernet would do pre-season interviews, but this year they've been told by CBS that they won't be able to have those this year.

Some of the rumors are that there will be returning houseguests, and/or that there will be like 30 people entering the house and they have to complete to be one of the ones to stay.

This is when rumors are flying all over the web and I just can't hardly wait another 4 weeks.

So (if you're a fan) what's your take ....