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Easter Storm

Going back in time, we had a bad storm on Easter weekend.  It started with hail, and I think ended up with a microburst or something similar.  It ended up taking out a large tree which came down on the shop.


You can get an idea of just how large the tree was from this picture of Linda standing under it.


Thankfully, the damage was only to the metal roof and not any of the structure.  There were about 10 holes in the roof, but none of the wood was broken or damaged.


Thanks to great friends we got the tree down and temporary patches on the holes.  

A neighbor who is a contractor hooked us up with a roofer, and now the roof is fixed and everything is back to normal. 

Here's what I learned … 

  • "Hunker Down" is not just a term for hurricanes.  It's probably best not to open the door In the middle of a storm to see the hail.
  • Apparently a picture is required as proof that when I say the tree fell on the shop, the tree actually did fall on the shop.
  • Having good friends in life is essential.  From my girlfriends who weathered the storm with me, to our guy friends who brought down the tree, cleaned the debris in the shop and patched the roof - we couldn't have done it without you.