Ebb and Flow

You might have noticed a week or so In February with no posts, and maybe thought I'd dropped off the blogosphere once again, but not so.  

Life is filled with ebbs and flows.  Sometimes, my life is super, crazy, busy, and I come home from work and promptly fall asleep in the chair, and sometimes my life is just plain boring.  It's the times in between crazy and dull that I get to post and/or have something to post about.

20160210_054830Along the lines of falling asleep in the chair, it's mostly because we purchased new furniture as our Christmas gifts to ourselves.  They were delivered towards the end of January, and we are loving them.  We got a sofa and a loveseat and both recline.  I sit down to watch a little TV, or to check email, and within a short time, I'm happily snoring away, as well as hubby.

As you can see in the picture, Max is enjoying the chairs as well.  We have a cloth cover on them so that he doesn't scratch or claw (he hasn't yet, but our other cat Michael tries to), and it keeps the cat hair in check as well.  I just throw them in the wash as necessary.

A couple of times now, I've awoke and found Max above me on the back of the loveseat looking down at me with a cocked head.  I prefer to think that he senses that I'm waking up rather than he looks at me that way when I'm sleeping which might be a little creepy.  In any case, the whole family is loving the recliners.



Kitty Update

Finally, our kitty is starting to feel better -- we know this because it is no longer an easy task to give her the medicine.  It's become a chase to catch her and then a fight with her squirming.  Yesterday, we got the medication in her mouth, but neglected to make sure it went down, so she took 4 steps and spat it out.  Cracked me up, but not hubby.

Yesterday, was the first signs that the weakness in the legs was almost completely gone.  It was the first time in over a week that she made a leap from the bed to the dresser on her own accord.  She's been jumping from the dresser to the bed but the hind legs couldn't support her so she'd just flop down - I think she was OK with this since the bed was a soft landing.  From the bed to the dresser was a new thing.

There are still many unknowns … we don't know why she had the weakness - but the other cats didn't have a problem, so not something contagious. She never had a fever, never quit eating, labs were for the most part normal except she was a little anemic.  

We may never know the full reason, but I'm glad she's on the mend.

A few more Cards to Share

Still playing with My Minds Eye Hip Hip Hooray collection.  So here's a few more that I've done.


So, I guess you could say, I make lots of cards.  More than I can use, even if I sent them to everyone I know.  So I've come across a local no kill cat shelter up in Eustiss, called the Cat Protection Society. Since all four of my furbabies were strays at one time, no kill shelters are something I am willing to support.  

This one, has a retail shop where they sell donated items to raise money to run the shelter.  So, I've decided that I will put the cards in individual baggies and bring them by for the shelter to sell, this way they will stay clean yet still be visible for people to decide which to purchase.  In my eyes, it's kind of the best of both worlds -- I still can make cards and not feel guilty about the overabundance, and I'll be helping out a worthy cause.

From their website, they also recycle and take in aluminum cans, so I'm starting to save those for them, and they have many items listed on their wishlist, that I may not personally use, but through couponing may be able to get a good price and donate.  

In this economy, I may not have much in discretionary income, but there are lots of ways I can think of to help out this charity without spending huge amounts of money.  I urge you to find a local charity that resonates with you (or take a look at this one), and see how you can help.  I know for many, money is tight, but it is tight for charities as well.

In January, I said I'd commit to doing 13 acts of Kindness over the course of the year, so this is one thing I will do that will go towards that goal.  For me, even thought I will probably donate throughout the year, I'll count this as 1 of those acts of kindness.

Well, that's all I have for now, tonight is the car show hopefully so that'll be good.



Mad Max

A recent picture of Maxwell.


Of all the cats, he is definately mine.  He is always close by me, either on the back or arm of the chair, or in the kitchen or laundry room with me.  He's got a few weird quirks ... one ... he loves olives.  I've never seen a cat that likes olives, but he hears the jar open and comes running.  I'm afraid they're too salty for him, so I just give him a little juice from my finger.  The other oddity ... he likes blueberries.  I think mostly because they roll well.  I dropped a blueberry the other day and I think he batted it around for a good 1/2 hour, then squished it.  I had to keep an eye on him (and the blueberry) because I didn't want him to squish it and stain something.  He mostly played on the tile floor in the kitchen.

He is always a source of entertainment, I'll give him that.

My boy has done gone crazy ...

This is a funny picture.  This is my cat Maxwell.  He has a thing about paper towels - he likes to attack and destroy them.  So in this picture, (once you get passed the glowing evil eyes from the camera reflection), he has wedged himself into a package of paper towels ... all the better for shredding.  Ahh ... yet one more item that I have to keep behind a closed door so he can't get hurt.

Max in Paper Towels

Happy Halloween

That's my boy in his devil costume.

Halloween Max

The indignity of it all.  Cats are not like dogs and my Maxwell was not too happy playing dress up.

No kids tonight, so I guess the candy will be brought into work tomorrow.  I think we missed some because we got home kindof late from work, but we usually don't have too many anyway. 

Still Playing

with the new camera.  Mattie - Oct11Haven't had all that much time, but did take a few minutes to play around with pictures of the cats.  This one is of Mattie.  It was on total automatic and the camera did pretty well.  It fared less well with my white cat.  Had trouble distinguishing what to focus on, so I've got to play around some more.  What I really like is that the red eye reduction really works.  You know how with some pet pictures you get the red demon eye - this camera compensates for that very well.  This photo was with a flash, but no demonic eye. 

Mew is gone.

Today we lost our baby Mew.  He was almost 15 years old.  This is a picture I took of him last month for the 365 album.  I have raised Mew since he was a baby, bottle fed because he wasn't weaned.  Yesterday hubIMGP1469by called me in Tampa and said he hadn't eaten, which is just not like Mew, who has never missed a meal.  Today he went to the vet first thing.  They found a tumor in his abdomen, and he had fluid in his lungs.  At his age, and with the type of problems he had, the best option was to put him to sleep.  It was a very difficult decision for us, more so because I am out of town.

He is at peace now and breathing fine, visiting his siblings, Amy, Sonny, and Andrew.

We will miss him dearly.