Poppy Field - Visualization of war

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.
Colonel John McCrae,
from In Flanders Fields 1915

This is an interesting site.  

Poppy Field is an independent project that reflects on human life lost to war.  In this interactive, the poppies represent the war, their stem begins at the year the war started.  You can click on a poppy and see how long the war lasted, which countries were involved and how many fatalities.  On the page with the poppies, you can sort by country, duration, or number of fatalities.  The colors that make up the poppies reflect the countries involved.

This site was created for the 100th anniversary of World War 1.

I came across this yesterday, and thought it was just as appropriate for Memorial Day, a day to remember those who gave their lives in active military service.  All gave some, some gave all to fight for our rights and freedoms.

View the site here …. it's worth spending a bit of time there.


{P}Inspired - Christmas Box

Last post from my Christmas In July cropping.

This was inspired by a Pinterest Pin - that you can find here.  The one in the pin looks like a fuzzy paper, but mine uses a paper smooth red paper with a small pattern on it.  Up close it almost looks like material.  The belt is from a rhinestone strip, and the buckle is a silver glitter paper, which I actually cut from a glittery gift box I had.  


The top of the box is an embellishment from thee My Minds Eye Lost and Found Christmas pack, which just says Merry Christmas and has some red glitter on it.

This project was pretty easy, but it does take some time to let dry.  I used clothespins to hold the paper on the box until the Scrappy Glue was dry.

{P}Inspired - Memo Notes

First, I found these post it note holders on Pinterest here.

I bought the picture holders to make them ... oh ... probably over a year ago.  A couple of weeks ago, I finally got the chance to make them, and I made several.  Here's a couple that I did ...

You can buy the photo holders going either way ... upright or sideways.  I tried it both ways, and think that the sideways ones are easier to write on when you use them.

So then while surfing through Pinterest (I'm hopeless addicted), I found that someone turned how you stand the acrylic photo holder.  You can see the pin here.  Absolutely Brilliant!

So I changed the ones I did to sit that way, so that it is easier to write on when you make a note.


Are you still with me .... 

Fast forward to the Christmas in July Virtual crop with the Kitchen Keepsake group.  I decided that rather than a traditional note holder, I could make a Countdown to Christmas display.  Did you know that you can write on an acrylic frame with dry erase marker?  Besides acrylic, you can also use them on glass.

So here's my Countdown to Christmas display.  All I need is the marker and I'm good to go.  I used papers from the 2010 Echo Park WinterTime Collection, which came with the letter stickers and embellishments.

I think I'm going to make some more.  I really like them.  My birthday is coming up ... maybe I'll make a countdown to my birthday, or freak out the boss and do a countdown to retirement - shoot ... I would need a little more space for that number.


Christmas Tags - Christmas in July

Over the weekend I was doing a virtual crop with the girls at Kitchen Keepsake.  I posted over the weekend some of the projects I was working on for the challenges so here's another.

The challenge was for embellished tags and I did several.

First, I did some using some InkaDinkaDo stamps - the Merry Christmas Tag and the Naughty or Nice tag both came from the Inkadinkado Christmas Tag Wishes Clear Stamps , and the SnowFlakes tag came from the Inkadinkado Christmas, Holiday Words.  

The two tags (Merry Christmas and Naughty and Nice) were actually inspired by a set that Sue Neal had done with one of her kits.  It is no longer available but you can see it here.  I found Sue online when I was planning a trip to Utah with the ladies from Hilltop Memories.  Sue teaches classes in the Utah area, and taught a class to the Hilltop group when we were in Utah.  Even after that trip, Sue thought to reach out to us when she came to Florida and taught more classes at one of the Hilltop Memories winter retreats.  

If you haven't seen her kits, check them out here as they are fabulous.  The instructions are clear, all of the components are precut, and you learn different techniques.  In fact, I just bought some of the newer ones.

But I digress ... For the tags the Merry Christmas Tag is stamped in a reddish burgundy ink and embellished with Stickles.  You can see the stickles on the snowflake and the dots.

For the Naughty or Nice tag, it's stamped on a pearlescent white paper and embellished with bling.

and for the Snowflakes tag, it's embellished with bling and striped cording.


One other tag I did for this challenge was to mimic the sample that was provided which was something Suzanne found on Pinterest.  See the pin here.  This was my first attempt and it looks good, but is not as neat as the pinterest one.  The pinterest sample used circle punched colored papers and I chose to use a tree stamp (Hampton Arts Ditto), which I cut out and then mounted together.  I like the look, but need to practice some to make my cuts neater, but you get the idea.

IMG_2184 IMG_2185

More from the Christmas in July Virtual Crop

Playing along this weekend with the Kitchen Keepsake Group.

Another challenge was to make a Christmas card using non-traditional papers.

I made a few for this challenge, using a paper pack I had. - It's a 2009 Paper Pack from My Minds Eye called Complete Boy.  Must have been something  just for Michaels because it wasn't listed on their website in the retired section.  I have old product and I'm not afraid or ashamed to use it.

This first one is using some of the paper as well as cardstock, plus I had an embellishment from the My Minds Eye 2011 Lost and Found Christmas Set.


The next one uses papers from the same pack, and a Hampton Art Ditto Christmas Stamp (PS0689).


and finally, using the same paper pack and a stamp from a Michaels Reflections Stamp set.


I have old stamps too .... but the thing about stamps is they never go bad.  You can use them over and over, and they store easily too.


Productive Weekend so Far

I've been playing along with a Christmas In July Virtual Crop with the Kitchen Keepsake Forum.

One challenge was "Simple Tags" and you can't get simpler than these:


These were round tags that I had (or you can cut your own out of cardstock), to which I applied rubons.  I received the rub-ons as a gift probably several years ago and was looking for a chance to use them.  I love how they turned out.  The black tag really makes the white glitter snowmen stand out.  The Rub-on transfers are by Royal Langnickel and are called Snowmen Holly & Hearts Glitter and they are still available from the manufacture, or I'm sure you can find them in Michaels or a store like it.

I have some  other Royal Langnickel Christmas Rub-Ons, so I'll be making up some more tags too.

Cards to share

and it is a great Friday ... looking forward to the weekend!

So I've been playing around with a My Minds Eye paper pack called Hip Hip Hooray.  This one was for boys, but it really works for anyone.  It's from 2011, but I don't care much about whether it is a current product or not.  The people I give the cards to are not usually scrappers, so they just like the card, and don't really know that it's an older paper line.  In any case, here are some birthday cards that I made.  I actually made them the last time I was in Sebring, but since I wasn't posting to the blog then, I thought I'd share here now.





Tomorrow, I'll share some more.  I make cards quite a bit, they're kind of my therapy if you will.  

Welcome 2013

Well ... it's a new year.  


2012 had it's ups and downs, but overall, it was a pretty good year.  I am thankful for all the friends and family that came along for the ride with both the good times and the bad.

Looking forard to what 2013 will bring, and I know this year will be even better than the last.

Last night we celebrated the New Year with sardines and champagne.  It is something I grew up with and force hubby into eating at least a spoonful of the sardines.  Up to this year, I didn't really know the reason why we ate sardines at midnight, I just accepted it for what it was ... tradition - something we got from grandma.  This year, I have found the answer, or at least a close answer.  I found a website with eastern european customs and it says fish (especially with silver scales) are thought to symbolize money and good fortune "and is a must for Poles at the stroke of midnight".  Finally, I know the why and can rest easy.

Now, I must find a tall, dark, handsome man be the first person to walk through the door this year for "first footing" to bring us luck for the new year.  That's another grandma-ism.  I can remember her having the mailman, or a neighbor come into the house.  This one proves to be a little harder to do each year, so we'll have to see how it goes.

Finished taking down the Christmas decorations, but before I close, let me share a picture of my mantle.


I've never had a mantle before, so it's fun decorating one.  I'm on a self imposed budget, so I bought just a few things.  I figure, I have years to add to it.  I guess the next holiday is Valentines day -- does one even decorate the mantle for Valentines ?  Who knows - we'll just have to see how it goes.

I wish you all a happy, healthy, prosperous New Year.

My kind of 4th


I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful 4th of July.  Ours was quiet, well ... except for the fireworks.  In past years, we've celebrated in many ways, from parties with friends or family, to attending fireworks shows at local sites.  This year, we decided to go the easy route which is my favorite way to watch the show.

I sit in my front yard and watch the fireworks which are set off at the park near South Miami Junior High.  I can also see the fireworks being set off in the Gables at the Biltmore Hotel, as well as just neighbors setting off their personal supply.


We had some fried chicken from Publix, relaxed and caught up on some of the shows we had TiVo'd and generally just had a much needed evening of R & R.  

Groundhog Day

I've previously stated that I wanted to one day go to Gobbler's Knob in Punxsutawney PA to see Punxsutawney Phil do his prognosticating.  I think I've had this dream since seeing Bill Murray in Groundhog Day (one of my favorite movies).   Well, I've found something that will be "almost" as good.

So the "new" house is up in Lake County, and is very near Mt. Dora.  Well wouldn't you know that Mt Dora has Mt Dora Mike and Mt Dora Millie.

"Mount Dora Mike & Mount Dora Millie move out of their winter hibernation from a palm tree stump to give prognostications of long awaited information like when winter will end, how many hurricanes we will be affected by this season, and the Super Bowl prediction.

So this year, I received the news too late, and didn't take the day off work to go up.  But next year, look out!  Groundhog day is on a Saturday, and you can bet I will be in town to see Mt Dora Mike and Millie (who are not even groundhogs) do their stuff. 

Yes, I still want to see Punxsutawney Phil, but that will have to wait for a wee bit.