Pocket page

I wanted to show you the March pocket pal page I did, and I even remembered to take a picture of what's  included in the back.  



This theme was Spring, so I used spring flowers, kites, and butterflies.  The back side you can see some of the things that were included in the pockets. Buttons, ribbon, Bling, paper kites, paper flowers, some word stickers and some pop dots.  My pal's name started with a "S" so I included a "S" tag.  Traditionally these are done between pen pals, where you write a letter or ask questions of you pal, and since it's not specifically for scrapbookers, people include other things like tea, candy, gum, stamps other small things.  Since I'm playing along with a scrapbooking group, much of what goes into the pockets is scrapbooking related.

I've got a new pal to exchange with for April and May.  I'm late already, ha … but so is she, so I'll probably knock out both months when scrapping this weekend.  I've already bought some items to put in the pockets, and I have the paper I want to use, so it's just the creative part left to go.

Birthday Pocket Letters

Our group had a birthday in February, so here is the pocket letter I made.



The paper was from a DCWV birthday paper pad that Linda had (she let me borrow a sheet or two)  The paper was actually the base of the design and then I added in some embellishments.  Each of the little pockets has goodies in them as well.  I keep forgetting to take pictures of the other side which shows all the goodies.  I have a February one to post and I don't think I took pictures, but the March one, I promise I will.


More Pocket Letters

Continuing with the Pocket Letters, here is the one I did for November.  The theme for November was Thanksgiving/Fall.



I did forget to take a picture of the December one, so I thought I'd share one that I received in December.  My pal for November and December was Laura.  In this one, you can see some of the items in the pockets. There is more that you can't see because they're behind the decorated pockets.  This one was very cute.  The little woodland animals are actually 3 dimensional.


Now, you might be thinking … OK … what would I do with these.  For me, they're inspiration.  The size is similar to an ATC (artist trading card), so it's like little bits of art.  The trinkets in the pouches can be used for card making and for scrapbooking.  If the embellishments are part of the design, you have a choice to make … you can either leave it as is and enjoy the design, or you can take the pieces off to use in your own projects.  For right now, I've been saving all the pages in a binder.  I really love these woodland animals, so some time in the future, I might take one or two off the pages.

and one more to show, which is super creative.  This one is from Diana.  This was part of the regular swap and she new I loved Diet Coke and Coke Zero, so the page was all Coke Zero - it is amazing.  I love it. 


The Pocket Letter Pal Craze

If you haven't heard, there's a new way to write to your pen pal.  It's called Pocket Letters. 

The concept was started by Janette Lane, and you can read more about it on her blog here.

Being a scrapbooker, card-maker, paper-crafter, it was an easy transition to joining in on the craze, and so with a few scrapbooking friends from the Hilltop Memories group, we started a swap.  We have a pal for a two month period, so we send a pocket letter page each month.  Natasha heads up the swap and gives us a theme to follow for the month.  I'm going to go back in time and share some of my pages, since it's been what I've been working on for the last few months.

The first month was September and it was to be an "about me" page

Sept pocket page

Then we did October in which the theme was Halloween/Fall.

October pocket page

The idea of the pocket page, is that you fill the little pockets with things for your pen pal, or in our case swap partner.  The original pocket pal pages that Janette Lane does, had a template where you would send washi tape, and stickers, tea, a letter for your pal, and a mail tag where you can ask your pal questions that they answer when they send back to you. 

For our group, it's more of a swap rather than letter writing.  You'd be surprised what you can fit in the pockets (which are only 2.5 x 3.5), but we make it work.  There's lots of scrapbooking stuff that fits, from stickers, to die cuts, plus embellishments like buttons, sequins, ribbon, washi tape, and then gift certificates fit pretty well.  Truth be told, I've been know to cheat (just a little), so some of the items I've sent didn't quite fit in the little pockets, but still when you folded the whole think in thirds it sort of fit ( wink wink).

Project Life - Week 2

I haven't been posting my layouts from Project Life, so I wanted to post what I have so far.

Here is week 2 - Jan 7 - 13th


The highlight of that week was that it was the 1 year anniversary of buying the house in Sorrento.  We love it, and look forward to heading up.  Not that we don't love our home in Miami, but the Sorrento house has no pressures - no places to be, no people to see, no work to do, we just go up and pretty much do what we want - I cook and scrap, hubby plays with cars, we both go to car shows.


Project Life - Jan 1 - 6th

Since I'm on a roll here, let me post my first weeks layout.

here's the left side:


and the right side:


the left side is mostly about new years, and my new fitbit.  the right side is the rest of the week from the truth cards I made for the brave girls club, to the first car cruise in of the year.

I'm glad I gave myself the luxury of not having to come up with a picture each and every day.  You can see that there are several pictures for New Years and a couple from the car show.  It works for me and is a more realistic view of life as I live it.  First week done - yeah for me!

I do have to figure out a better way of taking the picture - I'm sure they will get better with each week.

Project Life - cover page

I said earlier in the month that I was trying my hand at Project Life (once again), which is a simplified form of scrapbooking.  You basically put in pictures and then write the journaling.  The kits come with everything you need and you can stick to the kit and not even have to cut or use adhesive, or you can make changes and do your own thing.  The initial concept is to take a picture a day, but having to come up with a picture for each and every day always made me quit after a couple of weeks when I ran out of things to take pictures of.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, I just don't lead that exciting of a life.

So this time, I'm just taking pictures during the week.  If I get one a day, great ... if not, I'll use several pictures from the week to take up the other spaces, or just add in favorite quotes and such.  It take a lot of the stress off me, and makes the project more doable.  (I could have done it this way the other times, but my mind couldn't get off the 365 thing).

So here's my first page which is the cover page.  


I stuck with the kit components and just added a few things.  In the lower left the words and quote was from a Rusty Pickle transparancy, and the rest of the black/white additions were from the MME Meadowlark collection.  This first page is simple with no pictures.  

So you guys can keep me on point, I'll be sharing my weekly layouts, so if you don't see one for a couple of weeks ask about it would ya.  

Already booking 2011

So the first scheduled appointment for 2011 is already on the books.  It's Winter Retreat with Hilltop Memories which will be January 7,8,9 over in Sarasota.  Now since I'm already starting to schedule stuff, I had to have a place to put the details, so I bought one of those pocket planners (you know ... the ones that are like $1 in Michaels).  

Project 1 - Planner I just slipped the planner out of its plastic case, applied paper over the front and back cover, then applied stickers, paper, and bling to dress it up a bit.  The papers I used are from BoBunny's Petal Pushers Line.  This was a simple project and took less than 20 minutes.  The hardest part for me was getting the letters on straight, but that's just me.

At the Crop

This weekend I'm at a scrapbooking crop hosted by HilltopMemories.  Now when I go to these things, I usually spend the whole time catching up with all the happenings since most of my scrapbooking friends live on the West Coast of Florida.  This crop however, I've actually been scrapping - I mean "real", "authentic", scrapbooking pages.  It's funny, because I set out by bringing kits expecting only to work on those, but ended up doing a couple of layouts.  Here's two, and I'll post the rest as soon as I can.

  Motorcycle-Melissa -BoBunny Block Party 

This first one is for one of my employees - she recently got a new motorcycle and I had taken some pictures for her "me" wall.  This is using one of the Spring BoBunny lines called Block party.  It's sort of a patrioticish theme  but I liked the color combination for these pics.  The blue is close to the color of denim.  Ont he red sqare there are stars in the paper printing that the photo didn't pick up - I'm thinking I'll go back in tomorrow and add some crystal effects to make it pop.

Frankies Anniv - BoBunny
This one is using another spring release for BoBunny called Peacock Lane.  I picked this one because the purples and teals "went" with the teal of the car and the purplish hues of the sky.  This was from February when Frankie's Pizza was celebrating 55 years.  Their celebration took place on Valentine's Day and we took our 1955 Buick Century to the show because it was also 55 years old.  The car needs some work, but we really wanted to take it because it was new when Frankie's first opened.  (If you weren't aware, you can order half baked pizzas and have them shipped direct to you - just in case you live out of town but love those square pizzas.)

I've also done some card kits, another layout, and some other cards, but I can barely keep my eyes open much longer.  If I don't get some sleep I wont be able to make the drive home.

Cat Layout

So, I totally missed the Thursday Thirteen yesterday.  I had a topic all picked out, but work was just too busy, so I didn't make it online to post.  Check back next Thursday because I'll be here.

I started working on my kittens album, so here's a layout with one of their first photos.  That's Mattie and Michael (the terrible). Hard to believe that they are almost 4 years old.  This one is done with Scenic Route paper.  Enjoy!Imgp0203_1