Scrapbooking - New Product Likes

It's that time of year and the CHA show has finished in Las Vegas, and now we get to see all the new stuff.

So for the Christmas Lines ... there are 2 I really love - that's not saying that the others are great, just that if I had to pick, these would be my top two ...

        My Minds Eye Vintage Christmas and Authentique Joyous

I like Christmas, but with no children, there is not a lot to scrap, so I use the paper for decoration items and for cardmaking.

I'm also liking the Distress Markers and Watercolor Paper from Ranger. 

I like the new Snap Sets that Simple Stories has come out with.  I'm slowly working on a Project Life album, and the Snap sets make it just that much easier.

And for trends ... it looks like the banners are going away, and now it's the chalkboard look - several companies had their version, so even had chalkboard elements as part of their Christmas lines - this is one that I really like Chalk Studio by My Minds Eye and here's another called Chalkboard Collection by WeRMemory Keepers.  I'm not much into the trending stuff, but at least I like the chalkboard look better than banners.



Project Life - Week 2

I haven't been posting my layouts from Project Life, so I wanted to post what I have so far.

Here is week 2 - Jan 7 - 13th


The highlight of that week was that it was the 1 year anniversary of buying the house in Sorrento.  We love it, and look forward to heading up.  Not that we don't love our home in Miami, but the Sorrento house has no pressures - no places to be, no people to see, no work to do, we just go up and pretty much do what we want - I cook and scrap, hubby plays with cars, we both go to car shows.


Project Life - Jan 1 - 6th

Since I'm on a roll here, let me post my first weeks layout.

here's the left side:


and the right side:


the left side is mostly about new years, and my new fitbit.  the right side is the rest of the week from the truth cards I made for the brave girls club, to the first car cruise in of the year.

I'm glad I gave myself the luxury of not having to come up with a picture each and every day.  You can see that there are several pictures for New Years and a couple from the car show.  It works for me and is a more realistic view of life as I live it.  First week done - yeah for me!

I do have to figure out a better way of taking the picture - I'm sure they will get better with each week.

Project Life - cover page

I said earlier in the month that I was trying my hand at Project Life (once again), which is a simplified form of scrapbooking.  You basically put in pictures and then write the journaling.  The kits come with everything you need and you can stick to the kit and not even have to cut or use adhesive, or you can make changes and do your own thing.  The initial concept is to take a picture a day, but having to come up with a picture for each and every day always made me quit after a couple of weeks when I ran out of things to take pictures of.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, I just don't lead that exciting of a life.

So this time, I'm just taking pictures during the week.  If I get one a day, great ... if not, I'll use several pictures from the week to take up the other spaces, or just add in favorite quotes and such.  It take a lot of the stress off me, and makes the project more doable.  (I could have done it this way the other times, but my mind couldn't get off the 365 thing).

So here's my first page which is the cover page.  


I stuck with the kit components and just added a few things.  In the lower left the words and quote was from a Rusty Pickle transparancy, and the rest of the black/white additions were from the MME Meadowlark collection.  This first page is simple with no pictures.  

So you guys can keep me on point, I'll be sharing my weekly layouts, so if you don't see one for a couple of weeks ask about it would ya.  

Project Life 2013

Another thing I'm doing in 2013 is Project Life.

Project Life is a method of scrapbooking where you post a picture from each day and add some journaling, and at the end of the year, you have a pretty good representation of  your life ... your whole life, not just the holidays, birthdays, and travel - but everyday stuff that makes up your life. No scissors or adhesive required (unless you want to).


OK ... reality check.  I've tried this before and couldn't do the picture a day thing.  It's not that I forgot to take pictures, but that my life just really doesn't have all that happening in it.  Monday through Friday it's work, work, and work, and pretty much if you've seen one picture of work, you've seen enough.  I don't have kids, so there's no cutsie pictures going on there, and while my cats are cute and funny, that would get old quickly.

So the plan for this year is to not be so structured with a picture each and every day, so I guess I'm doing a "modified" Project Life if you will.  I still plan on doing a 2 page spread for each week, and use the Project Life pages and papers, (the kit I have is the Turquoise one, but it comes in other colors too) but to make up the two page spread, I may use several pictures from the same day, or just journaling about what's happened that week, maybe some inspirational words, or something I've found online.  Pretty much, everything is fair game.

Some friends in an online group I belong to are doing the Project life thing too, and I've joined a Facebook group for "support and accountability", as well as following some sites with ideas and prompts for what to take pictures of.  I've also recently added a new board for Pinterest with some Project Life printables, as well as ideas and inspiration.

If you've been following along, you might have noticed that I've also started blogging again.  I like the blog, I've missed the blog.  Twitter is OK, but 140 characters doesn't give you lots of room to talk. Facebook is better, but again, you get a readers digest version of life, inbetween the updates from the games I play (many post automatically - I have no control over it).  So I'm back to blogging, which in the long run, will also help me with the Project Life thing because I'll remember just exactly what is going on in my life on any given day.  

Pretty cool how all these things tie in together.