If you haven't seen it yet, it's a good show to watch.  It's on the history channel.


Basically they drop off 10 survivalists in the Vancouver Island wilderness with limited supplies.  They are dropped in separate areas, so are completely Alone -- no producers, no film crew, they do the filming themselves through various cameras.  Their single mission is to stay alive the longest and if they are the last one standing they win $500,000.  

Not only do they have to contend with building shelter, building fire, finding food, enduring the weather … rain and eventually snow, and fighting off predators, but they also have to contend with being completely alone.  They talk to the cameras about what they are doing and what they are thinking, missing, feeling.  This is season 2.  I wish I had known about it for season 1, so at some point I'll look into watching last season.

If you're looking for a good series to get into, this is one to watch.


Are you a Big Brother Fan ? Expect the unexpected.

Yes ... it's true, I'm addicted to Big Brother and have paid for the live feeds for many of the seasons.  Just 4 weeks to go ... the premiere is June 22nd.


The new mystery for Big Brother 18 (BB18) is that production is looking for "mock" houseguests.  They're looking for 6 people to be in the house for 6 days 7AM through 11PM.  One of the requirements is that you need to understand the game of Big Brother.  I don't recall ever seeing this in the past.

And the second thing is ... for the last several years bigbrothernet would do pre-season interviews, but this year they've been told by CBS that they won't be able to have those this year.

Some of the rumors are that there will be returning houseguests, and/or that there will be like 30 people entering the house and they have to complete to be one of the ones to stay.

This is when rumors are flying all over the web and I just can't hardly wait another 4 weeks.

So (if you're a fan) what's your take ....



I'd watch this ....

Ozzy Osbourne and son Jack will have a new reality show "Ozzy and Jack's World Detour" where they visit historically significant spots including Mt Rushmore, Stonehenge, the Alamo, Roswell, The Jamestown Settlement and Sun Studios.  It airs July 27th.

Here's the link about it

Ozzy and Jack's World Detour

I used to watch the Osbournes and love reality TV, so I think I'll like it.

So many of my current shows are ending this season, Castle, Rizoli and Isles, Person of Interest, and Rookie Blue to name a few.

Review - Kinky Boots



I had tickets to see Kinky Boots at the Broward Center for Performing Arts.  I've wanted to see it for awhile now … I guess I first heard of it when Cyndi Lauper was on Celebrity Apprentice and she talked about what she was working on.  The story is based on a British film by the same name which was based on a television documentary.  It's set in a failing shoe factory in a british factory town where jobs are in jeopardy due to flagging product sales.  The company changes the product for a niche market in order to save the company.

The costume designs are fabulous especially the boots!   J Harrison Ghee who played Lola was powerful.  I also loved the character of Lauren played by Tiffany Engen … since I haven't seen Kinky Boots before I don't know if all Lauren's play the role the same, or if Tiffany did a better job.  I just know I loved her portrayal.

Overall it's a feel good kind of movie … no not the whole play, but in the end you get the feeling of love, respect, and finding a life's purpose that resonates with you.

I've had season's tickets for several years now, and both my husband and I thought this was one of the best plays we've seen.


Zoolander 2 Review

Zoolander is one of my favorite movies, so when Zoolander 2 came out, I had to see it.  

I don't go to the movies all that much - in fact, I don't remember when the last movie I went to in the theater was - but it was a very, very long time ago.  Maybe 5 year or 10 years ago.  That being said, if I'm going to pay for a movie, it's going to be a comedy -  and not just any comedy, but a silly stupid comedy.  

I know there are sitcoms on TV that are a "comedy", but they're pretty much based in reality with funny moments -- too close to real life for me.

So, if you loved the first Zoolander, go see the second …. or go see it no matter what - it's that funny.  Even funnier, if you go to an almost empty theater where the other movies goers are younger and didn't get all the references (Like Susan Sarandon reference to the Rocky Horror Picture Show).  There are a ton of cameo appearance from various celebrities - actors/actresses/fashion designers/models, etc.

We went Valentines Day weekend and enjoyed it thoroughly.  We even got some kind of special pricing where it was only $7.20 per person, so that was cool too.


The best laid plans ...

Normally, I've posted by now - usually at 2 or 3 am, when the day is done and I'm about ready for bed.  Last night I was cold (see yesterday's post), so I thought I'd just curl up under the covers for a minute … a minute! -- and that was all she wrote.  Awoke this morning on the couch, bundled in a comforter, with the computer open to where I left it.

Yesterday, we also had another plan.  The plan was to leave work early and get up to the movie theater for a 9:20PM showing of "Hail, Ceasar!" the new Coen brothers film (his choice and mine a little bit), or Zoolander 2 (my choice, and his a little bit).  We did leave work early - by pretty much a full 45 minutes, (which is a feat in itself) - which meant we should have had time to get to the movie with plenty of time to spare.  But as fate would have it, 3 accident delays on I-95 later, it took us almost an hour and a half longer than usual to get where we were going.  By that point, we had missed the last showing of "Hail, Ceasar!" and just went straight home.

Do you plan ?  Do you believe "Fail to plan, plan to fail" ?

These days, I'm not that big on having my day all planned out - oh yeah, I do have a "to do" list, but it's not a hard and fast list I must follow - no ABC or 123 prioritization, but more of an outline of what's coming up that needs to be done.  I'm not a last minute person, so I can just go with the flow- which works well since hard as you might try, obstacles will get in the way.  You've got to be able to just roll with it.  

I've always used a planner, and have one now,  but my planner is mostly birthdays and when the next scrapbooking retreat is - rather than a hour by hour, minute by minute planner.  This year, since it's become popular in the scrapbooking world, I've ditched my regular one for a creative one that I can embellish and doodle to my hearts content.

Today, the only thing I HAVE to do is get to the post office and buy Powerball tickets.  I think I can get that accomplished.

As far as the movies go … the new plan is to see Zoolander 2 on Sunday - it may or may not happen since it's Valentines day, and  I don't particularly like crowds, so if it's crazy, we may postpone again, but I'm hoping we end up going.



I like reality shows.

There ... I admit it.

I don't like the dancing, singing and dating shows, but I do like shows about everyday life, different professions, and competition type shows.

Big Brother is probably the one I love the most, although this year it has been relatively boring.  Ahhh, a couple of words and some conflict, but in my opinion, no big twists in the game.  I'm hoping someone stirs the pot even just a little.

I am watching Top Chef Masters --- love love love Top Chef.  1st episode of this season was awesome, where they offered the Chefs an extra hour if they went skydiving to their first location.  Amazingly all but one chef made the jump.  I'll tell you what, that is commitment to your charity.  It would give me pause to jump out of a plane even it it was a tandem jump.  I am so looking forward to the rest of the season.

Another new show, which based on the name I thought it was going to be stupid, but I find it facinating, is Naked and Afraid.  They drop 2 survivalists (one man and one woman) off in an area, with no clothes, no shoes, nothing but the 1 item they chose to bring with them, and they have to survive for 21 days and then get to the pick up point.  I've seen 3 of the episodes now, and each one amazes me.  The contestants start out looking fresh, and by the end have lost weight and are dirty and probably smelly too.  To top it off, they (supposedly) don't get any payment from it - they do it all for experience and bragging rights.  To those wondering, you don't really see too much in the way of nakedness as all the bits and bobs are blurred out, but you do see their backsides, so if that bothers you, the show might not be for you, but if you can get passed that, and think about just how much more challenging it is to have to survive with absolutely nothing, and having to work with a stranger, I think you'll love it.  I've liked Survivor but it is a planned show with challenges, and they have clothes, get food, and they win luxury items ... the Naked and Afraid show is like REAL Survivor.  Apparently, there is a bit of controversy about the show because (from what I've read online) in the first episode the girl eats a turtle and then gets really sick.  They show and talk about her being sick, but apparently she was given IV therapy to hydrate her as well as food, which wasn't shown in the episode.  Regardless, so far I find the show interesting and entertaining - which is what it's all about.  It's a short season - just 6 episodes.  I've seen the 1st 3 and have a few more recorded on TiVo.  I love it!

Aside from these, I also have my 'guilty pleasures', if you will .... Keeping Up With The Kardashians (YOLO), and Here Comes Honey Boo Boo (Doorknob), which are more for pure entertainment purposes.  Two extremes that give me a good laugh.

Thoughts on Under the Dome

I'm currently reading the book by Stephen King as well as watching the series on TV (Mondays CBS).

Everything is so compleely different between the two.  So different that after the first episode hubby decided that he didn't want to even watch the series.

That's how it always is with a book adapted to a movie or series.  Especially  Stephen King stories.  I think I've seen every book turned movie and none have made the transition well.  The one I felt was close was Dreamcatcher, that is close until the very very end.  Other than that, they never follow the book as well.

Reading a book just transports you into whatever it is you're reading, and as the reader you put your interpretation on things.  You're engrossed in the book and usually hate to put it down until you find out what happens next - at least that's the way it is with me.  I can stay up all night just to finish a great book.  I think with a movie, however, the readers interpretation is replaced by the writers interpretation let along trying to fit the story into a several hour flick.

With the TV version of the Dome - it is utterly and completly different from the book.  Almost every character is different.  The main character Barbie in the book is innocent, in the TV version, the show starts out with him burying someone.  The police chief in the book is not part of the illegal dealings with the Selectman, in the TV version he is involved in some way.  The person appointed chief is different, well ... you get the picture.  If I was to write out all the differences, I'd be here all night - sufice it to say they are really two separate stories.

I love the book (not hard to imagine since I am a Stephen King constant reader).  I also, love the series.  You just have to go into it knowing that it will be different, and different isn't always bad.  I think that Stephen King explains it very well on his website here.  I assume he was getting lots of emails and posts about the differences, so put out the letter/statement.  That being said, I'm happy that the series was picked up for a 2nd season, and can't wait to be surprised with how things pan out in the TV version of the story.  

If you haven't been watching it and want to catch up, you can stream the episodes at and probably on CBS too.

Food Network Star

I watched every season since the first.  I like Guy Fieri who I guess is the most well known chef from the show.  I also like Big Daddy Chef Aaron McCargo, and Jeff Mauro the Sandwich King.

I didn't like when they switched to teams in Season 8 but it didn't turn me off to the show.  This season they did away with the team approach {Yeah} but did something else that I hate.  The thing about this season is they brought in contestants that if you watch food shows, you've seen before. One contestant Chris Hodges was on The Great American Food Truck Race; Danushka Lysek has been on Chopped; Viet Pham was on Iron Chef Battle Ground and won against Bobby Flay and was on Extreme Chef; Russell Jackson was also on Iron Chef America; Rodney Henry has been on Chopped and Throwdown w/Bobby Flay. .... You get the picture.

I just can't imagine that there aren't fresh faces out there dying to get on the show.  I mean ... if they had 1  or 2 contestants that were from other shows, I could see that - but so many?  I don't like it.

True, many have already been eliminated but still it annoys me.  If something isn't broke then why fix it.  The show was fine the way it was.  I don't know ... if this keeps up then I may not watch it anymore.

I am looking forward to Alton Brown's new show Cutthroat Kitchen.  It looks like a fun spin on cooking shows.


House Of Cards - Great Series

My sister got me hooked on a new series which is a Netflix original series called House Of Cards.

If you get Netflix, it's well worth the watch.  If you don't, it's well worth the $8 bucks to subscribe. It stars Kevin Spacey and is about a Powerhouse Congressman and how things are manipulated in Washington DC.  It's a political drama that has power, greed, sex, intrige, deceipt, and corruption, all set in modern Washington DC.  I sit back, and can envision that there is a whole lot of  truth to some of the actions the main character goes through.  I also love that he speaks to the camera with his commentary on certain situations.

House of Cards

This show is sort of a milestone in television as it is the first show that has completely bypassed the normal TV show route of going to network or cable stations.  It is also the first show that released all the episodes at once for subscribers to watch at their own pace.

The storyline, the cast, the entire thing is Awesome.  I love a good drama, and can't wait for Season 2.  Go ... now ... watch it.