Review - Kinky Boots



I had tickets to see Kinky Boots at the Broward Center for Performing Arts.  I've wanted to see it for awhile now … I guess I first heard of it when Cyndi Lauper was on Celebrity Apprentice and she talked about what she was working on.  The story is based on a British film by the same name which was based on a television documentary.  It's set in a failing shoe factory in a british factory town where jobs are in jeopardy due to flagging product sales.  The company changes the product for a niche market in order to save the company.

The costume designs are fabulous especially the boots!   J Harrison Ghee who played Lola was powerful.  I also loved the character of Lauren played by Tiffany Engen … since I haven't seen Kinky Boots before I don't know if all Lauren's play the role the same, or if Tiffany did a better job.  I just know I loved her portrayal.

Overall it's a feel good kind of movie … no not the whole play, but in the end you get the feeling of love, respect, and finding a life's purpose that resonates with you.

I've had season's tickets for several years now, and both my husband and I thought this was one of the best plays we've seen.


Addams Family

This past weekend we went and saw the Addams Family at the Adrienne Arsht Center.

Addams Family

The show was wonderful.  If it comes to your area, go and see it. 

This was my first time going to the Adrienne Arscht Center which is in Downtown Miami.  I've seen it from the expressway, but never have been.  That being said, I couldn't help but compare it to the Broward Center which is where we usually attend the theatre shows.  In any case, the Arscht center is a huge beautiful building, and the parking was an open lot which wouldn't have been bad any other night except the night where it rained and rained and rained.  Since it rained everyone (except us) valet parked, so when we were leaving you couldn't get down the stairs and out the door because the lobby area was packed like sardines.  It's Florida ... a little rain won't melt you.  But really ... don't you think you could have sprung for a parking garage ?  I'm hoping the next play will be clear skys and sunshine.

Our seat were fantastic.  Great views and not too many people surrounding us.  The show, I can't speak more highly of.  It was a wonderful, funny, and creepy all at the same time.  Having grown up on the TV show, when we heard the familiar snapping theme song we were drawn completely in.  Really, go see it if you can ... it's that good.